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 What a wonderful opportunity for us to deliver a message to you. We come to you now as a collective of Guardian Angels, most eager to deliver our words. We want to talk to you today about meditation. What a most important concept meditation is! Not because it is some spiritual practice that brings you closer to All That Is, but because it gives you a much needed break from the energies surrounding you. We are most eager to see you learn to meditate and connect with the energies of The ALL, but for now we want you to take meditation and use it as an opportunity to have a little “YOU” time. So let us discuss what meditation is and isn’t shall we. Meditation is not a set method. There is not a specific how to meditate guide that exists for everyone, for in reality meditation is really qu...


 “Hello dearest Family! What a joy it is to speak with you! Today we propose a discussion on the topic of Trust. What an important concept for this time, as many of you wait for all that you desire to manifest before you. What does it mean to trust? To trust is to have complete faith, and yet so many of you have misinterpreted what this means. You believe that it means to have blind faith and you believe that it means that you must put all of your confidence in something that cannot be seen. The main problem with trust in the physical world is that the physical mind does not compute with this notion of trust. It does not compute with being told to simply believe in something when there is no proof. This is the primary reason that the vast majority lose faith in the reality creation proces...

 “There is no greater sadness then to see what a brother can do to another brother. There have been many tears shed throughout your histories in the name of war and in the name of the God’s that you fight for. There has been great sadness, there is no doubt about that, but today we wish to offer you our perspectives and in doing so honour those that have come before you to create the world you see now. In time all will come to understand that those who died, truly did so, so that you could be precisely where you are now. They will see that it is not something to look upon with sadness, but with great respect and admiration for those who chose to fulfill a role that was necessary for required growth and expansion.


To accept war is to accept separation. To accept the need to kill one another...

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