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September 25, 2014

“Today we wish to remind you of how very safe you are in this spiritual journey. At this time there are many of you afraid to be seen, afraid to emerge from the shadows and allow your True Self to be shown. You fear what your friends will think and what your family will think and yet you are the one who is advocating for a new world and a change. It is so strange that you feel ashamed for embracing that which makes you peaceful and that which encourages you to find the good in others, while allowing all others to co-exist as they choose. It is strange that you should feel out of place as the weird one, when you are truly making a difference. Why is this so? Why do you berate your Self so much by believing that you are the one doing something wrong and that you must hide your beautiful eart...

September 16, 2014

“We send you this topic today to remind you of our existence. We dwell with you on Earth at all times and even though many of you do not see or hear us, this does not mean that we are not here. As you were unable to see the truth of your realty when you were in an unawakened state of spiritual consciousness, so are we unavailable to your perceptions because you cannot yet understand our existence. With the expansion of your Mind will likewise come the expansion of your perceptions and with it, all that exists beyond your current comprehension will be revealed. We are the beings of myth and legend, found in stories of old and fables of ancient times.


We have existed since the dawn of this planet, along with many other elementals and beings of earth’s precious energy. We remind you today to...

"Hello all who reside in the physical! We are eager to speak with you today! We are your friends, we are your Family of the Light and we are your Faerie Family. We are eager to come to you today and help you work on finding your joy! We use the word Faerie and so many people have these images of us as little “Tinkerbelle’s” flying around your head. Well if you choose to view us this way so be it, but we only appear as you perceive us. In reality we are but energy, like you, but we are not precisely the same as your “Human” form. We are different but we are the same. Your mind can not comprehend these differences and so you create these concepts such as Faerie “Tinkerbelle” beings. This is no concern, you can perceive us as you choose, it does not matter. The fact is there is more that exis...

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