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“Good day to our dearest fellow members of the Family of Light. We are most pleased with this opportunity to have our perspectives heard. It is not every day that we have a chance to communicate through this channel, and so we will bask in the Joy that this opportunity brings. We are the Arcturians and we come to you today to share part of the vast knowledge that we have gained. We are but one part of the family of light, and like your human species we hold our own knowledge – gained through the collective of our Arcturian Family. Today, we want to take some time to discuss the topic of your global affairs. We are most eager to offer our perspectives, for there once existed a time when our planet was on the cusp of a mass ascension, and we were very much in the same boat as you – so to spe...

"There are many of you wondering when your time will come. When will it all come together and when will the truth of All That Is come to light. There are so many of you waiting for something to happen, to become the person that you already are. Some of you have become caught in this illusion of a saviour and even more of you have become misled by the notion that humanity as a whole needs a rebirth of sorts to save it from its self. Well today we want to remind you of a few things. Firstly, the world does NOT need saving. You do not need someone to come and fix anything for you. You are quite capable of assisting your Selves. Secondly, the world is moving along precisely as it should! So many of you think that the world is in great peril, in need of divine intervention, and yet you fail to...

"Hello to our Physical Family of Light. We are most eager to communicate with you today to share our perspectives on Anthropomorphism. We understand that there are many of you who are still very tied to your physical existence. So many that cannot view understandings or Universal Truths as they really are and instead are viewing them through limited “Physical Eyes”. Understand, we are not saying that the physical existence you see before you is not real or that the physical existence you see before you is not part of all that is. What we are saying is that the Physical existence is but a part of reality and yet many of you use Physical understandings to define everything acquired in your experiences. Let us explain further.


To put this in an easy to understand logic, let us address your ac...

"Today our message goes out to all of those that resonate with the stars. To all of you who feel as though you do not belong on your planet. Our message is for you.


There are times when your world can seem so foreign, when it can seem to be an organism outside of yourself. We understand that you feel lost and that you are longing to come home but please remember that it is not yet time to return. Let us explain for those of you that have not come to your full knowing.

Many of you do not have experience on your current planet. Many of you are incarnating for the first time. You have chosen to incarnate to assist fellow beings in their ascension. Although you may feel that you are so very different from those around you, although you may feel that you don’t belong you are one with all that is...

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