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“Today’s topic really needs no explanation, but because we so very much love to share our perspectives we are of course going to expand upon it! WORK YOUR MAGIC! What an empowering statement. What a wonderful statement to make you want to stand up and change the world. A statement that evokes mystery, wonder and practices of old! What a wonderful statement indeed! Well today, we want to remind you of the great importance of being you in this whole process of working YOUR magic. Each of you have come forth with a certain speciality. Although you all hold the same abilities to some degree, each of you holds within these gifts an ability that supersedes all others. Some of you are masters of manifestation, channelling the higher dimensions, mediumship, healing, element manipulation etc. All o...

“Dearest Family, we come to you today reminding you of the importance of learning to listen to your inner knowing. So many of you have conditioned your Selves to lean on the words of others, so much so that you have forgotten how to follow what feels right to you. You have forgotten that the true programmer, the true source of who you are, resides within and it this aspect of you that will never let you down or fail you in discovering the truths. Understand that we are of course advocates of the wonderful insights and knowledge that can be learned through teachers, such as ourselves, but at the end of the day you must follow what feels right to you – regardless of the level of respect you hold for us or anyone else.


Within you lies everything you will ever need to guide you and teachers s...

“This topic comes to you now in correlation with the powerful energies that are affecting your precious Mother Earth. This day offers an excellent opportunity to release that which no longer serves you and to find peace within your heart. Today is an excellent day to extend a peace offering to those that you feel have wronged you. Understand that resentment and anger within your heart is a great poison and will only hold you back in your awakening and further the illusion of separation. See your brothers and sisters for what they are – your family – and give them the same treatment and admiration that you would the Great Spirit, as all are of the same precious energy.”


~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~


All My Love,


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"Hello dearest Family of Light! Today I would like to discuss a most important topic; the topic of shielding. Allow me to first introduce myself. I am El Morya and my primary focus today, will be to assist you in raising your vibrational frequency through the accurate use of shielding. We will begin with an understanding of the purpose and overall point of shielding.


Many of you understand and use this process as a means by which you prevent the energies of others from affecting your vibrational frequency. Although I in no way argue that this technique is beneficial for some, I would argue that many of you are not using shielding to its fullest potential. Today, I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to assist you in expanding your knowledge and understandings of the process and importance...

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