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"Good morning to our beautiful physical Family of Light. What a joyous opportunity we have been presented with today. We always relish in the idea of being able to share our perspectives with you and today we believe we have a most beautiful and inspiring message. Today we want to discuss the great value and sacredness of Family Harmony. In proposing this, many of you will instantly think of your physical family and find that this card relates to your own physical life situation, but our intention is to take these words much deeper.


For many of you, you often fail to perceive anything outside of your physical family as part of you and so today we want to impress upon you the great importance of harmony within your Universal Family. Our Family is grand! It encompasses all life and all form...

 “There is no greater sadness then to see what a brother can do to another brother. There have been many tears shed throughout your histories in the name of war and in the name of the God’s that you fight for. There has been great sadness, there is no doubt about that, but today we wish to offer you our perspectives and in doing so honour those that have come before you to create the world you see now. In time all will come to understand that those who died, truly did so, so that you could be precisely where you are now. They will see that it is not something to look upon with sadness, but with great respect and admiration for those who chose to fulfill a role that was necessary for required growth and expansion.


To accept war is to accept separation. To accept the need to kill one another...

"There are many of you wondering when your time will come. When will it all come together and when will the truth of All That Is come to light. There are so many of you waiting for something to happen, to become the person that you already are. Some of you have become caught in this illusion of a saviour and even more of you have become misled by the notion that humanity as a whole needs a rebirth of sorts to save it from its self. Well today we want to remind you of a few things. Firstly, the world does NOT need saving. You do not need someone to come and fix anything for you. You are quite capable of assisting your Selves. Secondly, the world is moving along precisely as it should! So many of you think that the world is in great peril, in need of divine intervention, and yet you fail to...

“This topic comes to you today as a reminder of your great mission to bring about serenity for all life on Earth. This card comes to you today, as reminder of what this great mission entails. You exist in physical form to bring about great change on your planet, through your knowing and your dedication to all things of the light. Today we want to remind you of what this truly means. You must come to see that your role does not mean fighting against the things that you want to change, for fighting against them only advocates what you do not want. You role is not to sit by idly either; you are not to simply ignore what is happening.


Your role is to find the alternative and to focus on the alternative and only the alternative – by not giving any attention to the perceived problem. For you se...

"Hello dearest Family of Light! Today I would like to discuss a most important topic; the topic of shielding. Allow me to first introduce myself. I am El Morya and my primary focus today, will be to assist you in raising your vibrational frequency through the accurate use of shielding. We will begin with an understanding of the purpose and overall point of shielding.


Many of you understand and use this process as a means by which you prevent the energies of others from affecting your vibrational frequency. Although I in no way argue that this technique is beneficial for some, I would argue that many of you are not using shielding to its fullest potential. Today, I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to assist you in expanding your knowledge and understandings of the process and importance...

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