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“Hello to the readers of this message. We are thrilled with this opportunity to deliver these words to you today. We are eager to have our perspectives heard and received so that we may do away with the many limiting beliefs pertaining to who or what we are. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Pleiadians and we are your galactic brothers and sisters of the Family of Light. Allow us to take some time to clear up a few misconceptions about who we are. We are not green men floating above your head and we are not beings who have come to this planet to abduct you and perform copious amounts of studies that would in no way benefit us. We are your family and in no way mean you any harm. We offer this knowledge because we find that there is such a strange perception of this term “Alien” an...

“Hello to our Family of Light, what a joy to be given the chance to share our most unique perspectives. We are your Star Family and the card we have chosen for today is Intention! What a most wonderful concept – this concept of Intention. This is the very concept that drives all creation on your planet, for it is your Intention that gives life to all of your creation. For you see, it is your Intention that directs the most wonderful and bountiful Source Energy that dwells within ALL that exists. Today we want to remind you of a few things in regards to this concept of Intention. Firstly, Intention is always the “hidden truth”. You can attempt to cover up Intention with positive words and positive outlooks, but the truth that lies beneath is always the dominant vibration. Do not feel the ne...

"Today we would like to discuss a very important and often misunderstood topic. We would like to give a new understanding to the dynamics of Masculine and Feminine Energies and broaden your perspectives to the current misuse of the concept. Although we understand and fully embrace that there are certain understandings that must be achieved in a sequential order, we feel that it is time that certain limiting beliefs are addressed. If you are not ready to receive this message perhaps it will come to you at another time when you are more open to what we are trying to communicate. Remember all understandings must be achieved when the physical mind is ready to attain them and embrace them wholly. And so we will begin with this most important topic.


Hello beautiful family, hello beautiful childr...

"Hello to our dearest beings of light. How we gleam with pride at the leaps and bounds you have taken in your progression to achieve that which you desire. You are all doing so very well. You are all precisely where you have intended to be and you are succeeding beautifully.


Today we would like to discuss a most pressing matter with you. To give you understandings that will assist you in the days to come. There are many around you that you perceive as wanting to “bring you harm” wanting to “hurt” you in some form or another. We appreciate your understandings that have led you to this conclusion but we ask today that you take a new perspective. A new perspective towards your brothers, your sisters, your fathers, your grandparents, your coworkers, your children. We mean this in respect...

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