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"Good evening to our physical Family of Light. We are most excited to communicate with you on this most wonderful day of great energetic changes. We are the Brotherhood of Light. We are a representation of Ascended Masters and we come to you today as a collective to offer our perspectives. We are always eager to share our perspectives with you and greatly enjoy and appreciate our time together. Let us begin. There is a particular topic we would like to discuss today so that we may do away with Limiting Beliefs and allow your mind to comprehend new truths. Today we would like to discuss this concept of truth fabrication or shall we say in more basic terms: Lying. This may seam like a strange concept to discuss, a strange topic to choose for a channelling topic. Many of you shy away from a s...

"Today we would like to discuss a most important topic. A topic that must be understood by many of you before you can continue on your path to enlightenment. Many of you have reached a standstill, an impassable point. You practice your techniques of meditation, you practice your visualizations diligently and with great passion and yet you find that you are not achieving the desired results. You find that you are still being faced with lower energies that you have time and time again intended away, or so you thought. Today we would like to discuss this concept in relation to your 3rd eye. There are many of you who are so vigorously working on decalcifying your pineal glands, on opening your 3rd eyes, in an attempt to allow your Selves to see what truly exists around you through this process...

"Today we would like to address a concern that plagues many of you at this time. This concern of “What is my purpose” or “Why did I choose to incarnate on Earth, how am I here to help?” These are most important questions that we feel should be addressed.


For many of you, you feel this resonance with the term Lightworker but for some of you, you do not. You have chosen your own terms for this concept and this matters not. What is of importance here is the intention behind the word, the root of the meaning for this word Light Worker and all names like it. What exactly is a Lightworker anyway? What exactly are you supposed to do? This is what we wish to address today. We wish to provide it in such a manner that your purpose and intentions for coming forth into the world are easily and clearly...

"Today we would like to discuss a very important and often misunderstood topic. We would like to give a new understanding to the dynamics of Masculine and Feminine Energies and broaden your perspectives to the current misuse of the concept. Although we understand and fully embrace that there are certain understandings that must be achieved in a sequential order, we feel that it is time that certain limiting beliefs are addressed. If you are not ready to receive this message perhaps it will come to you at another time when you are more open to what we are trying to communicate. Remember all understandings must be achieved when the physical mind is ready to attain them and embrace them wholly. And so we will begin with this most important topic.


Hello beautiful family, hello beautiful childr...

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