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Work Your Magic

“Today’s topic really needs no explanation, but because we so very much love to share our perspectives we are of course going to expand upon it! WORK YOUR MAGIC! What an empowering statement. What a wonderful statement to make you want to stand up and change the world. A statement that evokes mystery, wonder and practices of old! What a wonderful statement indeed! Well today, we want to remind you of the great importance of being you in this whole process of working YOUR magic. Each of you have come forth with a certain speciality. Although you all hold the same abilities to some degree, each of you holds within these gifts an ability that supersedes all others. Some of you are masters of manifestation, channelling the higher dimensions, mediumship, healing, element manipulation etc. All of you have the same abilities and yet each of you has heightened one or two of these abilities to accommodate your soul path in this life. Your particular “Magic” is unique to your own perspectives, as each individual ability is used very differently from person to person. Such is the plan of expansion for all. And so we remind you today to find that special ability that resonates with you, your magic ability if you will, that you perform with great ease and great expertise. For it is this natural talent that will assist you in achieving your dreams. It is this natural ability that will cause you to be in alignment with your path. You see, within applying this ability you will connect your self with the source of all that is through the great Joy you experience while practicing. Enjoy your powerful nature, embrace what you are capable of and know with complete certainly that you are a magical being capable of marvelous things. You have come into this life to show this example to others and to prove to the world just how powerful you ALL are!

Love and Light, your Ascended Master Family.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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