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The Purpose of Meditation

“What a wonderful opportunity for us to deliver a message to you. We come to you now as a collective of Guardian Angels, most eager to deliver our words. We want to talk to you today about meditation. What a most important concept meditation is! Not because it is some spiritual practice that brings you closer to All That Is, but because it gives you a much needed break from the energies surrounding you. We are most eager to see you learn to meditate and connect with the energies of The ALL, but for now we want you to take meditation and use it as an opportunity to have a little “YOU” time. So let us discuss what meditation is and isn’t shall we. Meditation is not a set method. There is not a specific how to meditate guide that exists for everyone, for in reality meditation is really quite personal. Meditation is simply the process by which one learns to quite the mind and enter into a beautiful abyss of what we call “mindlessness”. It is in this period that the Mind is quieted and thoughts pass by freely and easily – causing you no distraction. It is during this time that great peace can be obtained and beautiful guidance from The All can be heard. BUT in order to get to this state of receiving guidance and truly finding peace you must start at the beginning. You must first learn to quiet your Mind.

We encourage this today, because we would love nothing more than to see you have a little break and a little YOU time and because it is during these periods of quietness that we ourselves are able to speak to you. We are able to offer loving guidance and we are able to assist you in transmuting any and all energy that you have accumulated that day. Meditation does not have to be difficult. In fact it can be done at any moment that you have a few seconds to spare without distraction. It can be done sitting down or lying down; it can be done really however is most comfortable for you! It is a process by which you simply breathe and allow your body to relax and in doing so, you begin to feel the stress melting away and peace setting in. It is a process by which you release all cares and all worries and you begin to allow the knowing to sink in assuring you that everything is truly ALL RIGHT.

We ask you today, to take a few moments, whatever you can spare, to practice meditation. We ask you to find a quiet space and sit/lay/stand with your eyes closed. We ask you to breathe in and out and focus solely on the breathing. Do not worry about any thought that enters the mind, simply allow it to pass – knowing that it is not important now. This is YOU time! Breathe and allow your Self to release the hold on any muscles that are tensed. Breathe and allow all of the stress to melt away. Delve into mindlessness and feel the peace that exists within this period of no mind. Practice this as often as you can and as often as you need, and in time you will begin to receive knowing on where to move next to allow your Self to truly connect to The All while you are in this meditative state. We love you dearly and we want nothing more than for you to relax a little. Take a break and catch your breath. You are so busy rushing, rushing, rushing that you have forgotten how truly beautiful the ride is. We will be with you always, guiding you and protecting you. All of our love and continued support your Guardian Angels.”

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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