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The Great Illusion

“We will begin this manual with an understanding of the illusion you find your Self in. Only in having this illusion brought to your attention, will you begin to see the holes within it and allow your Self to broaden your mind and receive the truths. We will begin where one must always start – at the beginning of it all. Your science and authority figures have taught you many wonderful details about your Selves and your existence. You have been taught about the mechanics of the universe and the way the human body works; in addition, you have even been presented with proof of all of these amazing discoveries. Your science has touched on the truths, in so many ways, and yet has only begun to grasp the reality of All That Is. This is what you know about existence, according to what society has told you:

You are born as a little fish, one of billions, swimming in the large ocean that is your planet. You are brought into a world where you are taught to believe that you are but a slave to the circumstances and conditions you are born into. If you are so lucky, you will find your Self born into a family of wealth and privilege and be afforded luxuries that will allow you to make something of your Self. If you are not as fortunate, you will be born into a “lower class” family, where you will undoubtedly be faced with struggle, years of debt and few opportunities to make anything of your Self. The conditions that determine which family you are born into is out of your hands, and you are simply born where you are born. Society, as a whole, frowns on the idea of thinking that you have any real say in what happens to you. You are to believe that it is merely luck or chance that determines your good fortune. You are simply to follow the rules, pay your taxes, get your nine to five job and assimilate to the “happy” existence that is the human dream.

Your science talks about the human race as if it were some sort of fluke, much like your own individual existence. A sort of happenstance that allowed your species to find itself where it is. A “big bang” that resulted in life, that resulted in evolution of said life and so forth and so forth, until you found your Self as these modern physical beings that you see today. Your science says that there are rules in The Universe, but that in actuality all that exists was really created out of chance.

There is little hope among your society, about practically everything in your physical world. The animals are dying; the planet is dying; this will give you cancer and that will give you cancer. If you don’t happen to be struck by one of the millions of cars your technology has created to “simplify” your life, you are most likely to be the victim of a violent assault, as a result of your increasing crime rate. Or perhaps, you will be hit with a bout of depression like so many others, consequently due to the shared overwhelming sense of loneliness and insignificance. Not to worry, however, you have your sciences that can fix your wounds and prescribe you plenty of little pills to solve whatever ails you. You perform your daily functions – much so like a robot – following the rules and doing what you are told. Until one day it is all over. You either succumb to illness, old age or some sort of tragic event, and then, boom, that is it, no more you.

At the moment of your death, many believe you briefly reflect on your life. You look back at all the choices you made and all the choices you should have made. You look back on loves that you let walk away, on those you hurt and on the things you wish you could have said; you look back with regret, longing to do things differently. You look back wishing you could have seen how very precious this life was instead of “sweating” the small stuff. You wish you had more of the moments of Joy, more of the moments filled with laughter and true love. Moments that made your heart sing and moments that brought you closer to a sense of fulfillment. Well, friends, we are here to tell you – and to show you – that all things that could lead to regret are avoidable now. All that you will eventually come to wish you had enjoyed, all that you will wish you had experienced is yours for the taking NOW. We are here to tell you that this mundane robotic existence of a life based on chance and unfair circumstances IS the Great Illusion. You are NOT meant to be born out of chance and pulled through life via the circumstances that happen into your experiences until you meet your eventual death. The greatest illusion of all is that you are only human: a fragile life form that is destined for birth and then an inevitable death, where you will forever cease to exist. This is the greatest injustice of all. For believing this denies the Truths of who you truly are and what you are capable of. Let us now explain the Truths.”

Source: Universal Truths Manual: The Prerequisites - The Great Illusion



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