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Experience one of our personalized services in-person or from the comfort of your own home. Receive valuable insights into your current situations, thought patterns and points of attraction.



Discover the ancient art of energy healing, explore the process of inner alchemy or delve into the universal truths and study how to master conscious reality creation.



Discover our first life changing channelled book: Universal Truths Manual - designed to trigger the knowing within you and awaken you to who you truly are.


At Elated Mind we believe that each person possesses the potential to create their life on their own terms and it is only societal conditioning that makes us think otherwise.  Conscious creation and a life based on choice isn’t simply wishful thinking, but instead is the by-product of understanding and silencing the fear based limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


Through our channelled material, we will take you on a journey of Self Discovery and Inner Alchemy - releasing what no longer serves you and unleashing the powerful creative force within. By accessing and embracing the forgotten spiritual nature of Self, limiting beliefs and restrictive mental patterns can be restructured within the subconscious mind, allowing an integrated balance between what is wanted and what is realized. In fully understanding the inner workings of Self and the participatory nature of the universe, manifestation becomes effortless and in alignment with your true Self.

Our private sessions and mentoring packages are unique to you and will include channelled information and energetic assessments based on your particular learning style and needs. The path to embracing one’s potential is unique and each person requires select knowledge based on their individual motivations, limiting beliefs and mental restrictions. Through the channelling experience, we can help you better understand your Self and develop a personalized syllabus that will lead you to mental mastery, inner peace and success in conscious manifesting.

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Amanda Abelseth is a Channeler, Author and teacher of Inner Alchemy and Metaphysics. Through her work as a channel for the nonphysical world, she bridges the gap between you and the unseen and guides you into a deeper understanding of Self. Expanding on the knowledge of spiritual teachers and channelers like Esther Hicks, Amanda takes the concepts of “Law of Attraction” and “Reality Creation” to a deeper level - revealing the fundamentals of manifestation and releasing Self from mind and body identification. Designed for the analytical mind, her teachings integrate ancient knowledge and modern methods to provide a full in depth understanding of your reality and how to master it. 

Receive profound and life changing knowledge from the comfort of your own home. Schedule a telephone or zoom session and receive your channelling session from anywhere in the world! Wanting an in person channelling experience with Amanda? Join us in beautiful Banff, Alberta for our in person sessions at the Dance For Joy Studio.


Schedule Your Session and Unleash Your Potential


No words can be put together to express the emotional joy and assurance I received from my session.

Tracey V

It was so accurate and beautifully reassuring. Amanda has just a fabulous gift and I’m so grateful for the message I received.

Julie R

Your messages and level of detail are just phenomenal you have truly blown me away.

Joshua M



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Reiki Level III & Masters - Coming Soon

Abundance Channelling Series  - Coming Soon

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