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Inner Alchemy Workshop

$175 Per Seat I 9 Hours

True Alchemy is a journey inward and the process of inner transmutation involving the stripping away of who we think we are, revealing the true gold within - our Authentic Self. Enhance your inner alchemy in this intensive workshop.

Coming Soon

Universal Truths Workshop

$120 Per Seat I 6 Hours

Developed from the channelled Universal Truths Manual, The Universal Truths Workshop has been designed to aid you in remembering your true nature, so that you may awaken to who you truly are and create your Heaven on Earth.

Coming Soon

Reiki Level III - Masters Certification

$190 Per Seat I 9 Hours

Complete your Reiki Masters Certification with this intensive and thorough workshop. Discover additional reiki symbols, healing with the elements, advanced healing techniques, and learn how to pass attunements and teach others the ancient art of Reiki energy healing. 

Coming Soon
Yoga at Home

Reiki Level I Certification

$140 Per Seat I 7 Hours

Study the ancient art of energy healing with the added benefit of additional channelled knowledge and healing techniques. Learn the history, theory and practical knowledge required to begin your personal healing journey.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Reiki Treatment

Reiki Level II Certification

$140 Per Seat I 7 Hours

Delve deeper into energy healing as we explore the Reiki symbols and how to perform a healing session on others. Learn the basics of Level II, as well as additional  advanced channelled material, and experience an interactive channelling session with your Reiki guides.

Coming Soon

An Intro to Channelling

Free Admission I 2 Hours


Broaden your perspectives on what exists beyond your physical senses – exploring topics such as the nonphysical world, collective consciousness and the process of communicating with nonphysical beings.

Coming Soon
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