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The Universal Truths Manual is an extensive channelled curriculum, designed to trigger the knowing within you and awaken you to who you truly are. This manual has been recorded to aid you in remembering your true nature, so that you may embrace your global purpose and assist in bringing about peace for all humanity. These powerful reprogramming lessons delve into the understandings of why you are here and as an awakened being – what you are here to do.


Within these teachings, you will discover Universal Truths about your reality and your ability to manifest any and all resources desired for your path. You will uncover innovative teachings regarding the truths about reality creation and learn how to align Self to lead a joyous, abundant life! You will not simply be told what you should be capable of as a conscious creator, instead, you will be guided step by step with knowledge to assist you in achieving your potential. During the reprogramming process, you will begin to embrace your power and comprehend your mental workings, allowing you to understand what is preventing you from achieving your desires. Through these lessons, you will discover your true power, learn invaluable knowledge to overcome all limiting beliefs and walk bravely into the new world creating YOUR Heaven on Earth. ©


Designed as a 30 day reprogramming manual, these powerful lessons accommodate any schedule and ask that the reader follow only one lesson per day to allow themselves time to review and reflect before proceeding. Discover how these teachings can transform your life.


Order your copy today and begin creating  YOUR Heaven on Earth!

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