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Inner Alchemy Workshop 

Sunday December 2nd from 9am - 6pm

Banff, Alberta - $175 per seat 

The inner Alchemy of Self is a process that requires a deep understanding of the mind, physical matter and our connection to our true non-physical essence. Alchemy understood from this perspective becomes a journey inward and a process of inner transmutation involving the stripping away of who we think we are, revealing the true gold within – our Authentic Self.

During this workshop we will delve into understanding the 3 planes of existence: Mental, Physical and Spiritual. We will discuss in depth the purpose of the mind, how it works and how to use it as your tool - instead of allowing it to use you. We will then move on to understanding the energy of the universe, discussing vital topics such as vibrational frequencies, polarity vs duality, mastering manifestation and how you can work with your energy to bring yourself into alignment with a life of abundance and well being.

The final segment of the workshop will discuss the integration of mind, body and soul into the authentic version of you. Delving into the mystery and meaning behind the alchemical “Philosophers Stone” we will discuss masculine and feminine energies, the four elements and the ancient secrets of how to bring self into alignment with the universe. With these understandings, we will then be ready to learn how to channel universal energy for healing self and receiving divine guidance to support you on your path.

This is an intensive workshop designed for those who are ready to learn - but most importantly for those who are ready to ask the questions required to bring self into deeper knowing. The workshop will include extensive channelling time to allow additional knowledge from those who came before us and to answer any and all question you might have.  

Seating will be limited to keep the group intimate and allow for more one on one time. Workshop will be held in downtown Banff, Alberta with final location to be determined based on group size. An email with event location will be distributed to participants prior to workshop. 

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