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Browse through the comments below to see Testimonials from Family of Light Teachings clients.

We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to send a comment regarding your experience!


Diana says:

"Thank you so much for your time, the reading was everything I needed to hear right now. It has made some things very clear and I know that I am on the right path. I see the patterns which were stated and I will do my best to change them! You are very talented and I very appreciate you taking the time for me and for me winning the sweepstakes! I am so grateful! You are such a beautiful person and I am thankful that I came across family of light teachings! I really do believe that everything happens for a reason! Thank you again!!"

Lisa D. says:

"I have received a channeled message from our beautiful Angel’s, It was so beautiful and has answered questions I have been asking our beautiful Angels. The message I have received was so accurate for the questions I have been asking the Angels. I Am so grateful for my channeled message I have won on face book through Family of Light Teachings. There is a reason I won, The Angels wanted to answer my questions. So Grateful. Thank you so much."


Julie Jay Reece says:

"Your messages are incredibly accurate and amazing I felt instant recognition to the name Selena and that life time? I know I have been a witch/healer in many life times just as I am in this life thank you so much again for your messages I feel very blessed and very special to receive the information from you your messages and level of detail are just phenomenal you have truly blow me away and I am still trying to process everything that I have been told especially being told that I am an ascended master myself truly incredible I can’t thank you enough xxx"


Lizmouz says:

"Love your site! So glad I found you! I now have a better understanding of a lot of things that I knew & trying to be! Thanks for being here! Much love& light as well as blessings to all of you!


Tracey Vann says:

"Truly amazeballs! I was blessed to receive a channelled message from my Ascended masters and was blown away by what I received. It was so accurate and beautifully reassuring. Amanda has just a fabulous gift and I’m so grateful for the message I received. I feel calmer and more confident that I’m on the right path! !
I cannot thank them enough. Namaste"

Timea O. says:

"Yesterday I received my reading from Amanda, I was really looking forward to have my first reading ever. It was such a beautiful, Love-filled message from my angels, guides and non-physical families! It brought so much joy to my heart!! My angels gave me such wonderful guidance, insight about my life, my gifts and soul purpose, they really helped alleviate many of my concerns and worries. I was amazed how well aware they are of my state of mind, of all that is going on within me! They really helped shed more light into my current situation and I am most grateful for that! Congratulations Amanda for your amazing ability to channel so accurately, thank you for offering us amazing messages from our loved ones!!"

M.A. says:

"I am so thankful for the reading you made. The answer to my questions that you got from my spirit guides, gave me clearness on many levels. Some things where surprising to me at first, but as I was reading the text again with some distance and was digesting it a bit, I began to understand really useful things to further my path. It was like the puzzle pieces that I collected on my path started making sense. It gave me confirmation to be on the right track. I wish you all the best, power, success and inspiration with your beautiful projects."


Lori says:

"I had a reading done today by Amanda and it was amazing. So uplifting (after I cried lol – even then, they were kind of happy tears). Very nice! I had a specific question and it was answered in a very insightful way. Thank you very much Amanda for doing what you do. I appreciate that :-)"

Shanon M. says:

"I had a spiritual reading done a few days ago, and the message I received was very clear and personal to me. It was from my younger brother, who passed 5 months ago. I immediately had tears streaming down my face after getting through just the first couple sentences, because I could hear him saying those words to me. So distinct, so him. Usually I tend to be a skeptical person and questions everything, but when you are able to experience something like I did with my reading, it really resonates with you; there is no denying when something is so personal. I can’t thank Amanda enough for that."

Vidya says:

"I am so grateful to Amanda for a personal channeled message from the Archangels. The message was spot on and filled me with tears of joy. It reminded me a few things and assured me of things to come. Thank you so much for sharing your gift :)"



Nelson says:

"Hello brothers and sisters,
My journey in the his physical world has been one of many trials and at times I have questioned as to the purpose of the trials. Amanda helped me by contacting my star family. The message I received was powerful and spot on for this time in my life. It reaffirmed many feelings and teachings I have received and has enlightened me further as to the next steps for me in this physical world. I’m am forever grateful! All my love, Nelson."


Lisa says:

"I just had a reading with Amanda and it was wonderful. I was in tears as she channeled my grandma. The whole message resonated and has helped to assure me that I am on the right path. Thankyou so much."


Ricardo Aguilar says:

"Wow! I received a reading from Amanda from my ascended masters and I too was blown away at the accuracy of the reading! It was incredible to hear how well they knew me and my purpose here on earth!
Let’s just say that after this reading I know exactly Who I AM in my Divine purpose here on my soul mission!
I already believed but now I am assured! Thank you Amanda for your beautiful work here on earth!

Positively yours."

Kayla says:

"I received a channeled message from the Archangels and I was blown away! There’s no doubt in my mind that the message was truly from the Angels. They spoke of things only they would know and gave me incredible guidance. I didn’t specifically ask about my career, even though that was my question, and they gave me prefect guidance. Before the channeled message I had a lot of questions regarding what step to take next and now I’ve got the answer and feel an incredible happiness. Such a beautiful experience for which I’m grateful <3 <3 Thank you so much!!!!"


Janeane Wilbur says:

"Just had to share that I have received the most amazing message from my guides from Amanda Abelseth. I was actually a tad worried to receive this as I recently had a reading by a novice that wasn’t accurate, but Amanda’s reading was right on! The guides used words that I use and know and use. Amanda knew nothing of me other than my super brief question. The guides spoke to me of things that few people know about me and have been a huge concern. They also brought positive validations and messages that I really needed to hear right now. These messages are really making a difference in my life right now and helping me to make some positive decisions that are light-based. I would definitely recommend Amanda and look forward to getting another message from my guides from her one day soon. Amanda is an excellent channel."

Veronica A. says:

" had two readings with Amanda and both were great experiences. I resonated with both messages and felt reawakened at the end of each. Amanda’s messages from my angels and ascended masters were pretty much dead on in terms of where I stand in my spiritual growth. No one could ever know the information she was able to channel since they are my own personal struggles, gifts, and thoughts that I haven’t shared with many people. Amanda was also able to channel a passed loved one of mine and relayed messages with information that she would have never known. She even used specific informal terms/words that my passed loved one used. Aside from being accurate and providing the best readings I’ve ever had, Amanda is also one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met. <3 Thank you Amanda!"

Matthew M says:

"The message Amanda received for me was accurate and informative. Look no further if that is what you wish for. She is well connected and very very nice. Thank you Amanda for all that you are doing and not only for the personal message but all the messages you bring forth. Blessings"

Chris Ladmirault says:

"The reading that was given to me was spot on, it helped me realize what I needed to & validated my current position. The reading was clear & I was able to apply it to my current situation. Thanks a bunch!"

Selina Lugtu says:

"A HUGE thank you to Amanda Abelseth for my awesome reading. You were spot on and shed a lot of light on my current situation. A lot of my intuition and feelings were validated. If anyone is looking for some insight from your angels and guides, Amanda is the one to go to!!! I feel my angels and guides knew I needed this guidance to put me at ease and keep me from feeling like I’m crazy and led me to you. Thank you so much!!! Huge love and light to you, my sister!"


Joshua Moore says:

"No words can be put together to express the emotional joy and assurance I received from my session. From before I could remember there were things I knew at a young age, things that I knew to be true but never understood or how they would interact with my life journey. But after having my reading from my star family I am in tears knowing I am not alone in this journey, and beginning to understand and accept my purpose in this life and what I must do to achieve my life’s goal. The reading was true and resonated with my spirit. Thank you from my soul and thank you from my heart. Good journey and Namaste."


Jason Kellar says:

"Wow! What an amazing experience. The reading was spot on as to how I react to people and situations in my life. Things I have been interested in and doing research on as of late, is actually the timespan that this reading took place. Funny how the universe works. When you are ready, everything falls into place. I now know why I have such an interest in the things I do." (Past Life Regression)

Armando Soria says:

"I won a free reading from here at #FamilyofLight with Amanda Abelseth, who connected with Feary for me, today. The messages delivered were amazing. Her gift is more than amazing, I could not put in words. Such a wonderful reading, and I won.. I never win, but I did today. Thank you Amanda, It couldn’t resonate with me any better. Today was a grand day. happy face."

Patrik Martin says:

"Dearest family, I am in awe of Amanda’s gift, and filled with appreciation. I requested a channeling of my Star Family should I be selected, and I was lucky enough to indeed be granted my request!

I don’t want to discuss the details right now, because I am still absorbing the energy and message, but I have been beating myself up lately with negative self-talk. The message from my Star Family has helped me realize that I am definitely capable of anything I put my mind and will towards! I am on an important personal journey, and I enter the next stage spurred along by a perfect, synchronistic, beautiful channeling.

Highly recommended that everyone allow more magic into their lives. We all deserve it!

Thanks again Amanda! <3"

Shona says:

"I have to say, I’ve had a few readings but Amanda's was by far the best I’ve ever had. Her reading was spot on for what I needed to hear very accurate. Her energy is beautiful! I would highly recommend her! I loved my reading as it was especially what I wanted I didn’t want to ask a specific question I wanted to be surprised and I was! Thank you Amanda so glad to get to know you :)"

Mike Wells says:

"I would like to tell everyone what a wonderful and sweet lady Amanda is. I have received a reading from her and it blew me away. She told me about things that relieved a lot of my worries and things are looking so positive for me. Amanda is not only great at what she does, she has become a good friend as well. Thank you for everything Amanda.
Sincerely, Mike Wells"

Tammy says:

"I won a free reading on a Facebook Page a couple of weeks ago. Amanda’s reading was amazing!! Everything she said resonated with me on such a deep level that I had tears in my eyes after reading it. She is a wonderful person who gives of her services freely. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift."

Angelbuff66 says:

"Last Saturday I was excited to win a free reading with Amanda, my first ever one-on-one personal reading. The reading strongly revealed my independent nature yet focused on its connection with all my relationships in life, as well as its connection to my serious spine issues. Overall it was an interesting perspective that triggered a lot of self reflection…a good thing. Amanda also brought a loving message from my 48-year niece who died suddenly one year ago which I so appreciated. Blessings. Namaste."


Favabeans88 says:

"I recieved my first ever channeling last week. My life has shifted into a new direction thanks to Amanda’s message from my guides. Everyday I M brought back to words channeled through her for me. Amanda channels out of pure LOVE. I don’t know her personally but through our connection here I feel as though she’s a good friend. Her work is in integrity with love, service, and gratitude. She is truly bringing light into the world. Thank you!!! <3"

Annette Fine says:

"I had a reading recently and was blown away. We always hope to hear from a loved one, or some wisdom from the ages. I was given a message from someone so dear to me, and yet so unexpected that I was simply amazed. I think even the reader was a little surprised. What a pleasant experience, and such a solid validation. Everything was crystal clear to me. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


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