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"Hello dearest Family of Light! Today I would like to discuss a most important topic; the topic of shielding. Allow me to first introduce myself. I am El Morya and my primary focus today, will be to assist you in raising your vibrational frequency through the accurate use of shielding. We will begin with an understanding of the purpose and overall point of shielding.

Many of you understand and use this process as a means by which you prevent the energies of others from affecting your vibrational frequency. Although I in no way argue that this technique is beneficial for some, I would argue that many of you are not using shielding to its fullest potential. Today, I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to assist you in expanding your knowledge and understandings of the process and importance of shielding.

Let us begin. When one shields them Self it is, first and foremost, the intention that provides the power or the fuel so to speak. It is the intention that sets the tone for the validity of the shield. And so we must first look at the intentions that are being set forth when the shielding is initiated. What lower energies are associated with these shields? For the many of you that place this shield in “fear” of needing to protect your Self from the lower energies of others, either as a result of a confrontation or a particular situation you find your Self in, take a moment and ponder the vibrational frequency set forth from this particular intention. Would you say that the intention is being used optimally? Although I do not believe that shielding in this manner is a useless tool, I believe that shielding incorrectly and without optimal intention is like putting water on a grease fire. Your surface intention will be to put out the fire but deep down the intention set forth from mixing the two elements together can result in catastrophe. Let me explain further. When you set forth the intention to shield your Self in this manner, you do so in a need for protection. Unknowingly, without examining further the desire for the shielding, you often create more havoc from not doing your “homework” before you shield. You create more havoc from not researching all of the elements that are resulting in you wanting to place the shield. This results in you placing a shield tainted with lower energy. When one does this, they often find themselves further discouraged by the failure rate of the shields that they place and find them Selves saying, “well that was crap and didn’t do a darn thing for me.”

Today I am going to teach you to further address the "need” or “desire” for shielding and teach you to place a shield without allowing the tainting of lower energy. And so many will wonder, how do you place a shield without it being tainted with lower energy? Doesn’t all shielding insinuate a need for protection? And to this I would say, this is precisely where the core of the problem lies. This need for protection. This feeling that there is something outside of you that can affect you negatively. This is where the core root of the faulty programming is. This understanding that you need to protect your Self from another. This in fact is another manifested thought of separation. Why must you feel that you need to separate your Self from another thinking that there is something they can do to harm you? In reality, you know that this is not the case.

And so let us now examine how to place an optimal shield, from this perspective. As I have said, it is the intention that is key. So instead of focusing your intentions on needing to protect your Self from another, set the intention that you are placing this shield to “protect” your Self from YOU. Let me explain further. This word “protect” is of course going to receive negative connotations when used in this context, so let us broaden our understandings of this word and perceive it less of a need to defend but more of a need to preserve. Form this perspective, let us approach placing a shield on your Self as a need to preserve your Self. From this understanding we can then place an intention, based solely on the preservation of one’s own energy. We can then place the intention where the intention should lie, which is focusing on your own inner work and remembering that none other than your Self is within your reach to heal. With this in mind, you set forth to place a shield that will allow Self to preserve its own vibrational frequency. There is no undertone of needing to protect against anything, as that is not the purpose. The purpose is for Self Preservation alone. Self is all that matters and is all that is in your control. And so moving forward, let us accurately shift the focus from a need to protect to a need to preserve. Place your shields, not with the purpose of building a wall, but with the intention of tearing them down. Let us now together, create a new intention for shielding. In the morning or at times when you feel that you are allowing your energy to “drop”, I ask that you call upon myself or your angels and I ask that you affirm:

“In this moment, I call upon _______________ and ask for assistance in preserving my vibrational frequency. I ask for assistance in transmuting my thoughts and emotions so that I may be in line with the optimal vibrational frequency of Self. I ask that a protective shield is placed around me so that I may preserve my energy and operate at an optimal vibrational frequency at all times. I give thanks to the source of all that is, for providing me with the tools and strength to adjust my frequency as I see fit.”

These words of course can be changed as you so desire but remember to keep the intention accurate and free of lower energy. All of us that exist in the higher dimensions are so proud of your progress. We thank you for your time and patience, as all aspects of your path are coming together. Love and light and blessings for continued peace and joy."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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