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The Universal Truths

"You are an infinite being. You are born into your life of your own free will, and when you choose to depart said life, you continue to exist as something far greater than the physical form you see before you. You are not your body or your mind; you are a pure energy source and you are one with All That Is. You are a Divine Creator, a child of the Infinite Source, and you are capable of anything. You are not a tiny fish wandering aimlessly in an ocean; you are a mighty being who has chosen to incarnate on this planet so that you may experience physicality. As you are, as the physical being before you, you are but a form that houses a much greater energy. You are the avatar for the True You that exists outside of any perceived space and time limitations, an infinite being that has existed and will exist for all time. You have come into this space-time continuum so that you may grow and expand and forever change the course of All That Is.

The world you see before you is not as it appears. There is form, that is undeniable, but even form is not as it appears, as will be explained in these lessons. There are no rules, except the rules that you place on your Self. The inaccuracies that you have been told about your physical capabilities and the stories you have been told about your insignificance, have been grossly exaggerated. You are not a slave to circumstances; you are not defined by the situations you are presented with. You are a master of these circumstances. You are meant to determine all of your experiences, and you are meant to create whatever reality you choose. You have simply forgotten your ability to do so.

Your science has taught you undeniable truths about the physical world you see around you, but there is so much more to reveal. You exist on a plane of form – a solid plane of slower vibrations, which offers a tangible product to touch and taste. To experience your world, your physical body provides wonderful sensory tools, which allow you to collect information. You are designed to be a life form that is capable of extensively experiencing all aspects of physical reality through your senses, but again, there is so much you have forgotten. You see, your reality does not merely consist of a physical plane of tangible form, and your sensory tools are not merely comprised of the five senses that you are most commonly made aware of.

The physical reality you see around you exists as one of three planes and is known as The Physical Plane. However, there also exists the Mental and Spiritual Planes, upon which all of the behind the scenes work takes place to create that which is seen on the physical plane. You are continuously working on the mental plane and are always in contact with the True You on the spiritual plane. Your body is equipped with far greater tools for data collection than just your five basic senses. Every cell in your body is created with built-in sensors that are able to detect, analyze and interpret infinite amounts of energetic impressions from people, places and things all around you. Now understand that we only use this separation, of “people, places and things,” simply because this is the way your mind perceives the world; however, in reality, you are no different than these places or things that you perceive. You are one with nature, with the waters and the plants, and you are one with all beasts that walk upon your planet. Again, you have simply forgotten.

You are far greater than you give your Self credit for, and your body has been designed with capabilities far beyond that which you currently acknowledge. We will teach you how to use all aspects of what is available to you. We will teach you how to consciously operate within all Three Planes. We will teach you to use the senses correctly – including your ability to interpret all energetic impressions – and we will show you how the information collected thus far has deceived you. We will teach you and in doing so, remind you of that which you already know. You will come to remember that there is so much more to your existence than you currently realize and while you re- awaken to this knowing, we will eagerly remain by your side watching as your journey unfolds. We promise you, as you read these words, experiences will unfold, perceived coincidences will flow into your reality and you will undoubtedly see proof of the Universal Truths. Enjoy this process and Awaken to Who You Truly Are!"

Source: Universal Truths Manual: The Prerequisites - The Universal Truths



All My Love,


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