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Understanding And Overcoming Stress

“What an excellent day to deliver a message to the followers of this page. What a wonderful opportunity to assist you and participate in your individual growth and expansion. We are very excited to deliver this message today, as we believe that it will benefit many of you in your daily practices. We are going to discuss the importance of learning how to remain peaceful in stressful situations. We will not only offer you our perspectives on the matter - we will also give you insights and strategies to assist.

Let us begin by discussing what is occurring during these stressful moments. The majority of you are not strangers to stress. You feel it in your workplace, at home with your children and many feel it from simple tasks such as walking down the street or buying groceries. Stress triggers are evident and perceivable all around you. What one could handle and move through quickly and efficiently, becomes another’s greatest nightmare as they are overcome with grief performing a seemingly simple task. So what is stress? Where does it come from and how can you avoid it?

Well, stress is a natural reaction to a situation that causes contrast within you. Stress is a natural indicator telling you that what you are perceiving is not in alignment with your natural state of well-being. Ok, you have all heard this explanation before. SO WHAT IS STRESS REALLY? Stress in simply an indication that you do not have sufficient tools to deal with the situation at hand. It is an indication that you are being presented with a situation that masks a limiting belief to be recognized and transmuted. Stress simply presents an opportunity for growth! So how does one overcome stress? BY UNDERSTANDING IT. Stress is not bad – it is not something to be yelled at. It is simply the natural reaction to contrast felt within you. It is this contrast that is indicating that you are not equipped to deal with the situation, based on your current state of consciousness. It is telling your body that upgrading is needed.

Most of you feel these emotions pertaining to stress and you “freak out” and begin to fester, fester, fester. You find your Self in this easily explainable and avoidable state, and you begin a downward spiral that you feel you cannot return from. When in reality, this state is simply showing you that you have been presented with an opportunity to learn, grow and adapt. What we propose in these moments of stress is that you take a few breaths and begin to analyze what this stressful situation is trying to teach you. Take a moment and analyze why this situation is actually upsetting you. What has been done to you that is causing you to react this way and more importantly what do you believe is so wrong with this situation to make you feel that you do not have control over it? More often than not, when you begin to perform this exercise of analyzing how you feel in the current moment, you will begin to see that what you are feeling has very little to do with the current situation you are in and everything to do with something you perceived or came to believe in your past experiences.

For example: Many people will find themselves in a state of panic when they encounter a situation that they have experienced before, simply because they relate the current situation to the outcome of the previous similar situation. But what you fail to see is that your remembering of the previous outcome is simply the mind providing data to assist you in moving forward in your current moment. You do not need to take the past and use it as an opportunity to fester and begin to stress. Instead, you can analyze what happened previously and then make a conscious decision moving forward, as to how you would like to proceed in this new situation. The mind is a most marvelous tool full of ample data to assist you, and yet you have forgotten that it is merely a data collection tool. You have become so flustered by the information you have been given to assist you and you have forgotten how to use this tool correctly.

We will close saying this: stress is not to be feared. To try to approach the eradication of stress by using any method other than understanding and patience with Self, will not bode well. For you see resistance to resistance is NEVER the key. You must come to a state of understanding and a state that allows self to move through the emotions – to understand them and embrace them. And in doing so, remove the fear of them. That is all for now. We have enjoyed this time. May you move towards a time of greater peace and less stress, as you evolve into the beings you were always meant to be. All of our love and support, the Brotherhood of Light.”

All My Love,


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