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Are You Ready To Change The World?

“It is with great pleasure that we come forward today to deliver a message to you. We will take the centre stage for a few of the upcoming lessons, so that we may reach out to those that will benefit from our teachings. We are most eager to have our words heard and to reunite with those that are in unison with our intentions. We will begin with a story. A long time ago on your physical planet there existed a great war. This war raged long before the times recorded in your history books. It was nothing like the wars that you currently understand, for war at this time was raged purely from the mind. Physical action was never taken, for as you know the power of the mind is much more effective in creating true damage. And so this war raged and sides were perceived. A great testimony to the creation of duality on your planet – the perception of a world of opposites in opposition. Such was the necessity for physical existence on your planet and to all life in the universes. It was a time of turmoil and yet it was also a time of great growth and expansion.

From this time came the birth of a new order. A brotherhood of sorts that would unite all genders, all seekers of the truth - all those who were willing, and ready, to stand for the truth. We were not asked to extend our selves physically, we were simply asked to do so mentally. We were asked to dedicate ourselves to the cause – to grow and expand our greatest weapons, our greatest tools: our minds. We were asked to reconnect with ALL THAT IS. To understand the purpose of our power and the great gift that we hold. We were asked to be great Advocates of Truth. And where the darkness would be perceived, we would be there to show those around us the truth of their perceptions - through our unwavering and unyielding light.

We are the way showers, the great examples, and as we existed in a time of great turmoil in your histories, we have returned to this current time to, once again, do our great work. We call out to all of our brothers and sisters of the light who are ready to stand up for this great cause, once again. We are sending a message of light to all of those who are ready to make real change. It is not through your actions and copious amounts of hard physical work that you will achieve this, it is only through mental discipline and pure intention that you will find your great success. You are here mighty Advocate of Truth, not to fight a battle, but to dissolve the illusion of it. You are here to show the world, who you truly are and what ALL are truly capable of. You are to show the world that there does not exist a world of duality – of opposites in opposition – and instead there exists simply a world of choice. A world that presents multiple unique and varying choices for growth and expansion.

One can choose to be immersed in the darkness of unseen truths, or one can choose to embrace their power and walk freely into the new world creating their heaven on earth. What will you choose? Will you choose to remain powerless and a slave to circumstances, or will you once again unite dearest brothers and sisters, and achieve the work we are here to do. Will you stand up and choose the light – THE TRUTH – and will you embrace that which you have always known about your Self. Will you stand up and choose the path of least resistance and the path to the one that dwells within. We will stand with you and we will guide you on this journey, because it is only hand in hand that we will succeed. Hand in hand, as a united Brotherhood of Light. We thank you for this time and we look forward to the many messages to follow. Be brave dearest friends. Be proud and honoured to walk the path that you do – for generations to come will bask in the glory of the world you are now co-creating. Such an honour indeed. All of our love, continual support and admiration from the non-physical - The Brotherhood of Light.”

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All My Love,


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