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“It is with great pleasure that we come forward today, to deliver this message to you. We always enjoy sharing our perspectives and we are always eager to guide and assist you in any way that we can. We are your ascended brothers and sisters and we come to you now to deliver a most important message. We come today to discuss this topic of manifestation.

It is a topic that intrigues many of you. A topic that has been the cause of much study and research. Is conscious manifestation really a true thing? Is it possible that one could direct their own reality? You ponder question after question, as you seek for that which you already know to be true. You seek and you seek, and yet the answers have always been within you..waiting to be unleashed. It is these truths within you that have always prodded you forward..begging to be revealed. What a joyous journey, as you allow these great truths within you to be released. These great truths that speak of your power and your ability to direct your reality and that of your world. What a wonderful understanding to accept. But where do we find most of you now within this process of acceptance? Well, we would say not in the step of acceptance - this is most true - and instead where we find most of you is within the beautiful stage of denial. We say beautiful, simply because this is a necessary part of the process. A necessary step that if missed would undermine the whole process.

You are in this most blessed stage of denying your power, simply because you wanted the experience of it. And simply because you knew that within this stage of denial, the truths would prod at you and speak to you through knowing - forcing you to find your way home. You knew that the truths would become so undeniable, that within your seeking and your yearning for the truth of your potential - you would find the faith and trust that you so desperately need at this point in your journey.

You have been told time and time again that you are close. And that is simply because it is the truth. You are close. You are close to figuring it all out and embracing that which you have always known. You are close to accepting your birthright and the power you possess. YOU ARE SO VERY CLOSE. And yet a part of you still holds back – lingering within this world of illusions and limitations. Not because you want any part of it, but simply because it is comfortable and of your human nature to do so. We remind you today that if you really want the things you desire, if you really wish to hold the sceptre of power and live as a king upon your planet, it is time to let go. It is time to understand your power, to know that you are a king of the stars - a being with immense and immeasurable talent. Your nature and your abilities, surpass anything that you could currently fathom, and yet you place your self as this meek and inadequate individual that must work so hard to get where you are going. To this we say it is EASY.

It is easy to be you, it is easy to be a creator. IT IS EASY TO BE THAT WHICH YOU ARE. You must simply let go. You must accept your power and let go of the world that holds you back. Walk bravely into the new world and create your heaven on earth. It is time, dearest ones, to accept your power and begin the next phase of your journey. A journey faced with its own obstacles and challenges, no doubt, but a time of greater peace and greater allowing of that which you desire. A time where you will begin to manifest the resources required for your path and a time where you will truly find peace. We thank you for this conversation and we honour you for your services. All of our love and support, your Ascended Master family.”

May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are.

All My Love,


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