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The War Within

“It is with great pride and honour that we come forward today to deliver a message to you. We are most excited to have our perspectives heard, and we do so in the hopes that it will bring you to a place of greater peace and Joy. Today we have chosen to come forward to discuss the topic of war. We choose to discuss this topic, because many of you are experiencing this concept of war - not only on a global scale, but also in a more personal and intimate way. When we say that we wish to discuss war, we wish to discuss that which brews within the mind, which then turns into what you call your global outbursts of war. Such an interesting concept that you would fight with one another as you do. Such an interesting concept that you would pit yourself against your brothers and sisters, simply over resources that are available to all of you. It is interesting to see how far you fall in these moments, and how little you truly understand what is occurring when your fighting begins. Such a strange concept indeed.

You are so quick to blame others - to say that they are the cause of your discomfort and that they are the reason you fight. But in reality, this is most certainly never the case. You blame others for what you do, because that is the action of an unawakened being. You blame others simply because you have been told that that is what a normal human does. But let us take a step back. Let us assess what really occurs in these moments, where the war begins to rage within and then escalates from small battles to great and terrible ones. In these moments of hatred and separation, it is most certainly true, that you have not been wronged by another and instead you have been wronged by your Self. It is important to understand that what is brewing upon the surface in a physical form is simply reflecting that which brews upon the mental plane. Your thoughts and your beliefs about your power and your control over your reality has reflected onto the physical plane as situations of protest out of your control. And in reality why does one feel so out of control? Well, it is due to the created Ego Self vs. Authentic Self battle. You interestingly enough fight the greatest battle within. You rage a war within you, so great and so powerful, that it cannot help but pour into your reality. You fight the war of the Good Side vs. the Bad Side, so intensely, that you perceive everything in your reality in the same light.

Those that are blinded to the truth of their inner workings do not see wars as such, no matter the scale of them, and instead they blame another. They say that they are not at fault and instead that the battle is warranted, due to the actions of another. And while there is no point in playing the blame game, as war is not consciously chosen by many - the reality of the situation is always that the war within has reflected and poured onto the physical, showing where change is needed. It is nothing more than an opportunity for growth.

However, very few of you will see it this way. Very few of you will look at this mental battle that you rage, trying so fiercely to fight a fictitious devil of your making, and see it for what it truly is. Very few of you will recognize the game – the illusion that you placed yourself in for the thrill of growth and expansion. And even fewer of you will see how this inward battle has then reflected into a global drama. Wake up dear brothers and sisters. Wake up and see how it is you that must change. It is you who must awaken and end the drama within, so that you can then begin to shine your example for all to see. When you choose to step into your power and embrace that knowing that all is wanted and all is simply portraying the drama that you have written, you will hold the sceptre of power and you will begin the process of cleansing the earth. You will show others the truth of their actions, the repercussions of their thoughts. You will show them that the world you have ALL created, is not the world that must be.

But in order to do this, you must awaken to the great illusion. You must understand why all that is occurring, is occurring. You must see your part in it and understand that the blame game does not serve you well. Assess your wars and understand why they exist as they do. Assess your thoughts, and understand how they create the reality around you. Asses your actions, and find that you are the one who holds the power. We thank you for this time and we are eager to watch as you expand and grow into a time of greater peace and joy! Remember dearest family - within the darkness, you can learn to see the light. Give your eyes time to adjust and the truths will be revealed.”

May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are.

All My Love,


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