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Embracing Magick

“To walk beside physical beings is a great honour for those that reside in the non-physical. To watch you grow and expand and to partake in your journey, in even the smallest way, allows us the beautiful experience of the physical. This brings us great joy and is a great honour, and today we begin this message by thanking you for allowing us to part take in this experience with you.

Many wonder why we spend our time always speaking to you, always giving our advice and revealing sacred knowledge. Well, primarily because we find great joy in the process, but also because through your growth, we all grow. Through your embracing of the sacred truth – we ALL expand. It is as simple as that. When we assist you – we assist ALL. And so it brings us no greater joy than to assist you, because we know in doing so both parties will grow, both parties will expand and both parties will open themselves to a greater depth of knowing and peace. And so let us begin today with our discussion on MAGICK.

MAGICK is a topic that intrigues many of you. You feel this way because you are tapping into an ancient knowing that many of you embraced in your previous lives. MAGICK is not something that exists in fairy tales only – in reality that which you call MAGICK is no different than the wondrous powers that created your world and keeps your reality in check. MAGICK is the same expression that gives you life and governs ALL THAT IS. MAGIC is simply a deliberate use of the same infinite power that resides within all and gives life to all. In reality, MAGICK is what you would call GOD. It is interesting enough that many of you in past lives came to understand the power of MAGICK and yet in doing so, those around you who did not understand the beauty of what you had tapped into began to persecute you and belittle you for things that they did not understand. A fear of tapping into the ancient and powerful source rose around you, so great, that many today are still afraid to step in their true magical abilities.

You believe in your ability to manifest, and yet for some reason when it comes down to really allowing this MAGICK to flow around you and within you, you hold back and believe that you are not worthy. It is interesting to watch this part of the journey, for each time you perceive that you have failed, in reality you have grown. You have faltered, just enough, to make the powerful creator within you rise up and say “come on now – you can do better.”

So what is MAGICK really? What is the great secret that was known in the past that so many of you are becoming intrigued by now? MAGICK IS THE KNOWING OF POWER. In embracing ones true power, things like instant manifestation are only a fraction of the power you will tap into. When you embrace your power, you can walk on water, you can heal the sick, you could raise the dead if you only believed you could. MAGICK is a part of you. IT IS YOU. MAGICK is the very life force that calls you, that has always led you to this knowing.

Today we want you to practice a brief exercise with the strong intention that you will begin to embrace your power and allow the MAGICK of the universe to flow within you. We want you to let go, allow that which you call the GOD force to truly manifest within you and all around you. We are no strangers to rituals, and when many of you wonder why we ancients practiced them so, it is simply because the intention is focused - the intention is clear. In the moments where we are focusing all of our creative energy on that which we are practicing, we are clearly creating and we are directing the MAGICK within us quickly and efficiently. Rituals are a natural part of your life and we would greatly enjoy seeing you incorporate them into your life a little more.

We ask you to stand outside. It does not matter if you are outside during the day or night, but using the celestial energy on a sacred day of a full moon, new moon, etc. would be most beneficial to you. We ask that you stand upon the earth – with no shoes or any sort of coverings on your feet, preventing you from connecting with your planet. We ask that you take a moment and simply feel the environment around you. Feel the earth under your feet, feel the air on your face, the air on your body. Embrace the flow of the energy of the planet and take it all in. Take a few breaths in and out and in and out.

Upon your second flow of breaths in and out, we ask that you call upon the sacred MAGICK within you and within the planet. We ask that you say:

“In this moment of peace, I invoke the energies of the divine. I invoke the energies of this sacred space that once created this world and brought life upon this planet. I invoke the divine feminine and the divine masculine – I invoke all that is. I call upon you now, sacred energies of this space, to work within me. To bless my body and all that resides within me. Bless my temple so that it may be strong and ready to do your work. Bless my mind so that it may be strong and ready to do your work. I invoke the sacred energies of this space and I call upon All That Is to cleanse me and prepare me for the great work that I will do. Prepare me and rebirth me in a new image of confidence, balance, peace and power. I am strong, I am powerful, I am complete.”

Upon saying these words, we ask that you give your gratitude to your planet. Thank the energies that reside within it for blessing you with such power. Thank God, thank your source, thank whatever name you choose to give the life force that is ALL THAT IS. Be at peace and continue upon your day feeling the power within you. Feel it in every ounce of your being and allow the creative MAGICK that abides on your planet, within you and within all that is physical, to truly embody you and to amplify you. It is true that the same power flows within you, but by invoking the naturally abundant energies upon your planet, you have then called upon additional power. You have tapped into that which creates worlds and you will be invincible in all of your endeavours. We have greatly enjoyed this time together. We are overjoyed with the thought of you allowing more MAGICK into your life. We are eager to continue these discussions and advance our level of knowledge, as you are allowing of it. All of our love and support – The Brotherhood of Light.”

May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are.

All My Love,


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