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Why So Serious Friends?

"Hello all who reside in the physical! We are eager to speak with you today! We are your friends, we are your Family of the Light and we are your Faerie Family. We are eager to come to you today and help you work on finding your joy! We use the word Faerie and so many people have these images of us as little “Tinkerbelle’s” flying around your head. Well if you choose to view us this way so be it, but we only appear as you perceive us. In reality we are but energy, like you, but we are not precisely the same as your “Human” form. We are different but we are the same. Your mind can not comprehend these differences and so you create these concepts such as Faerie “Tinkerbelle” beings. This is no concern, you can perceive us as you choose, it does not matter. The fact is there is more that exists around you than you know. There are many beings that exist in your very Universe and simply because you do not have the consciousness to see them, does not mean that they are not there. Ok, so now that we have moved forward and you have perhaps stopped imagining us as a character in Peter Pan, we have a wonderful message for you.

Why so serious friends? This is our message. We want to talk to you today about finding your joy and the importance of joy in your life. Our message will not be as long as many of our other brothers and sisters of the Light but it will be short and sweet like us ;) Why joy? What is it about Joy that is so important? Well it is the vibrational frequency of course. What is it about Sadness? What is it about Sadness that is so unimportant? Well it is the vibrational frequency of course. Neither is better than the other. Sadness is Joy, as Joy is Sadness. They are one in the same. They are merely different vibrational aspects of each other. If you are capable of feeling sadness you are equally as capable of feeling Joy! And so we ask again why you are so serious about all of this? If you could see it the way we do, you would find this concept of feeling such a drastic difference between these two “emotional concepts” to be so strange. It is merely a matter of choice. If you choose sadness, and yes you choose it, you can so very easily choose Joy. It is all a matter of choice. Why would you choose to perceive life in the lowest vibrational frequencies when so much more is available to you?

Well, how do you switch form Sadness to Joy when you are in fact feeling sad? It is simple. Find something that brings you Joy. We are not asking you to simply ignore what you are experiencing. If it makes you feel sad, it is important to understand why but the understanding of why will not be achieved in a state of sadness. Understand friends that all true knowing comes from alignment with Source and with Higher Self and so if you want answers as to why you feel a lower vibration you must achieve a higher vibrational state to hear these answers. So if you are sad, this is what we suggest: Find something that brings you joy. Go for a walk, play in nature. Find an animal that brings you joy and immerse your Self in the experience. Listen to music and dance around like a mad person. Shift your energy, raise your vibration and from a state of joy then ask, what am I so sad about? What is it about the situation I found my Self in that made me sad? Do not use this as an excuse to delve back into misery. Keep your self immersed in what you are doing that it is bringing you joy but set the intention to receive valuable perspectives to help you understand why you perceived sadness in the first place. We understand that for many of you, you think your current situation warrants a bad attitude and if that is how you choose to perceive the world than by all means. But we assure you, when you stop and analyze, when you stop and listen, you will see it is only your beliefs and limited understandings that have resulted in this sadness. That is all for now Lovely Family. Live Laugh and Love and for goodness sakes turn those frowns upside down! We love you. Your Faerie Family."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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