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Understanding Masculine And Feminine Energies

"Today we would like to discuss a very important and often misunderstood topic. We would like to give a new understanding to the dynamics of Masculine and Feminine Energies and broaden your perspectives to the current misuse of the concept. Although we understand and fully embrace that there are certain understandings that must be achieved in a sequential order, we feel that it is time that certain limiting beliefs are addressed. If you are not ready to receive this message perhaps it will come to you at another time when you are more open to what we are trying to communicate. Remember all understandings must be achieved when the physical mind is ready to attain them and embrace them wholly. And so we will begin with this most important topic.

Hello beautiful family, hello beautiful children of the all mighty source creator! It is a most marvelous day indeed. It is most joyous to see you all expanding and growing in your consciousness and allowing your Self to embrace your creative nature. It is this creative nature that we would like to address today. For most of you, you are very familiar with the concept of “feminine” energy. You are familiar and have heard the messages received, saying that it is now the time for the feminine energy to rise and take over, so to speak. We would greatly enjoy the opportunity to broaden your perspectives on this subject and in the process, eradicate any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in your own understandings and advancement in consciousness.

We understand that for many of you, you are still disassociating your Self from the true creator you are. We mean this in the sense that you are still existing within duality and you are still perceiving your Self as being your body or mind. This is not a concern, this is merely part of the process. The I AM presence is ever growing and ever expanding in you and these “AH HA” moments where you truly feel your connection to that which you are is only going to increase in length and clarity and so it is now time to fully understand who you are: that which cannot be destroyed, that which is all encompassing, pure energy. You are energy. Of course this concept is understood by many on the surface but it is not truly embraced. Today we would like to advance your knowing on this subject. The being that you are is energy in its most pure form. You are not your body, you are not your mind or shall we say your thoughts or emotions, you are so much more than that. You are an all-powerful sentient, creative being that knows no boundaries no limits.

Now with this understanding let us move forward. In your purest state as the being you are, you are an expression of the law of Gender. This feminine and masculine energy. This energy is best described as the seamless circuit that flows flawlessly allowing your true being, your Higher Self, to create instantaneously and with little effort. You cannot understand this in your physical form because you see wait times and you see delays for that which you ask for. However, in the non-physical your balance of feminine and masculine energy is working so flawlessly that as the desire is set forth the “willer” and the “creative receiver” work flawlessly to bring you that which you desire. These energies are merely an extension of the energy that comprises you from the mighty Source of all. And so let us continue. When one incarnates you still very much have access to your perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies, which by the will of God can never leave you. These energies operate in perfect working order at all times. Operating in a perfect circuit until they are presented with resistance during the creation process. Let us view this as a stream of water. Self is always comprised of and connected to Higher Self but for many resistance is offered due to societal programming and a block or dam is put up in resistance to the steady flow of well-being from source and higher Self. This blockage will expand and grow creating a swelling of water on one end and a low pool on the other, allowing some water to flow but not all. Well this is precisely how we can look at these energies. When you offer resistance to one aspect of the energies that are naturally existing within Higher Self you will create what is referred to as an energetic imbalance. This imbalance creates all sorts of “miss creations” and manifestations in the physical world that you “claim” to not want.

In past years, there has been a major “dam” placed between the collective natural flow causing a colossal backup of feminine energy. This is why you see your wars, your disputes, your action based activities that have disconnected you from your true knowing. This is of no concern as this was part of the “plan”. And so we have now entered a new time. A time when this dam is slowly releasing, and slowly is the best way might we add, and the feminine and masculine energies that contribute to this stream of water are beginning to balance. The feminine is going to reintegrate completely with the masculine, to allow for a seamless flow once again and create heaven on earth as was in the time of Atlantis many many years ago. And so one must wonder what does this all mean? What is the point of this?From this understanding we must then address this concept of limiting beliefs that have been placed on these feminine and masculine energies. From our perspectives the feminine and masculine energies are simply a part of the make-up of your true being, the energies that allow you to create. The “willer” and “creative receiver” so to speak. The receiver, the creative aspect, the bringer of the breath of life to an idea is the feminine energy. The willer, the commander the motivation for all ideas is the masculine energy. Together they work seamlessly, unbiasedly in harmony to bring you that which you desire.

Now, we notice from the perspective of many, that you are perceiving these energies with your physical dualistic mind. You are perceiving them from the mindset of Male and Female bodies and personalities. You have personified these energies in order to serve your own purposes. And so this is what we must address and correct. These energies although they appear to be dual energies are in fact not so, they are one as are all things but they are broken down to be understood by the physical mind. There is no separation in reality. And so when you view these energies you must first remember that these energies are of the spiritual plane and are not subject to the limitations of the physical world and are not subject to the gender concepts you have placed on them. We believe this confusion has come from your perceptions of the female and male bodies. It may appear that these physical forms you see are a physical manifestation of these energies. However, in reality these physical bodies are merely a representation of the law of gender that presents its self in all that is on all planes and so in this respect to place a physical plane concept on the Masculine and Feminine energies is very limiting. These energies have nothing to do with your personalities with your cultural practices, they are unbiased energies. To say that the feminine energy is a representation of the females on your planet as a whole, is a misunderstanding. Feminine energy resides in both males and females. Yes, the female physical form is an expression of the Law of Gender but this does not mean that the female physical form encompasses any more of the female energy than the male physical form does. The physical form is merely one of many expressions of the law of gender. And so when many of you woman believe that you are the savior, that only YOU empower some special gift that is going to save the world and it is now the time for the rise of women, this is no different than the views of many dictators who have viewed separation in the past. You are setting your Self on a pedestal and allowing the men to fall at your feet. This in reality is not the case. The rise of feminine is a return to the collective’s true creative abilities, a return to the understandings of your true being and I AM presence. The "rise" of feminine energy is merely being viewed by all, as a result of the transmutation of societal beliefs and rituals and a release of the “dam” or blockage, so to speak, that has caused an imbalance. This is not occurring because there are more female bodies on the planet, this is occurring because of the raise in consciousness and the allowance and return to all that is.

We wish for you to release this understanding that causes segregation as it will not serve you. In reality, in spirit, your being has no gender. If you are to say that you are “female” you are identifying with your body. Your aspect, the character that you, higher self, is playing may reside in the female or male expression of gender on the physical plane but that character is merely one expression, one aspect of you. You have been male and female many many times in past lives, so do not limit your self to one “physical form” concept now. We understand that the names given to these energies must be confusing, as it is Self’s nature to now relate them to your minds understandings of masculine and feminine. However, we assure you, these energies have nothing to do with your physical concepts of the dual male and female or their societal gender role counter parts. They are in no way the same. And so we ask that you address these limiting beliefs that allow you to blame men for the events in the past, whether you are male or female incarnated. We ask you to remember that it was not the “males” responsible it was the masculin energy and the male physical form is simply an expression of the law of gender not the masculine energies itself. As these physical bodies are an expression of the masculine aspect of the law of gender, they are often present in manifested situations of increased masculine energy to simply express imbalances. These “males” that are often blamed where only acting upon the societal programming given forth by the collective and were merely playing the part they were given.

We ask that you ponder these things and address where you are perceiving separation where there is in fact none. We love you. Love and light and all things bright, your Pleiadean family and The Brotherhood of Light!"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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