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Understanding Energetic Fluctuations

"There is much to discuss. There is much to be addressed and asked of you at this time my dearest Light Workers. The time has come for great changes on Earth from both an energetic and molecular perspective. The planet that you once understood, this Earth that stood apart from you and all that is, exists no more. It is a time of great change and one that must be embraced immediately.

For many of you, you find these energetic impulses, these fluctuations to be too much to handle at times. You blame this and that for why you act the way you do including these energetic fluctuations. It is time my Family of Light that you learn to overcome these limitations. Do not allow your moods, your situations to be defined by these fluctuations you perceive. This concept of Mercury Retrograde that so many have spoken about. Although I do not deny the validity of the energy that has occurred as a result of this celestial event, I believe it has become an excuse for many of you. Allow me to offer my perspective on the situations you find your Self in. If it were as simple as the energies being allowed to control your situations and moods. If it were as simple as a “good” energy flow means prosperity and abundance in your lives and a “bad” energy flow results in destruction to all that you have worked for, we would find ourselves in a much different place. These energies, although they are excellent understandings to incorporate into your daily lives, are not the ruler or decider of what occurs in your experience. You are. You allow your fears of these energies to misinterpret what these energies are attempting to teach you. You are allowing your fears to use these energies as an excuse for why you do not have to control your own thoughts and deliberately create. You control your thoughts, you control what experiences you have.

Yes the energies may intensify situations, in the sense of bringing to light energetic patterns to be transmuted but this is not an excuse to say that all is going wrong because of “Mercury Retrograde”.

These energetic fluctuations should be used as they were intended, without fear, without attachment to the concepts. They should be used as guidelines and wonderful tools to amplify your ability to transmute. Nothing more and nothing less. We are in this together and though at times it may feel like you are being left alone to deal with these influxes, you most certainly are not. Lean on your Angelic Family, on your Guardians to help you gain understandings on how to use these energetic fluctuations to your benefit. If you perceive them as a hindrance, they will be a hindrance but if you perceive them as gifts, as tools, they will provide you with an expansion boost that you have yet to fathom. That is all for now Family of Light. Peace be with you in the days to come. I love you and protect you always. Archangel Michael."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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