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A Message For Starseeds Who Do Not Resonate With Human Existance

"Today our message goes out to all of those that resonate with the stars. To all of you who feel as though you do not belong on your planet. Our message is for you.

There are times when your world can seem so foreign, when it can seem to be an organism outside of yourself. We understand that you feel lost and that you are longing to come home but please remember that it is not yet time to return. Let us explain for those of you that have not come to your full knowing.

Many of you do not have experience on your current planet. Many of you are incarnating for the first time. You have chosen to incarnate to assist fellow beings in their ascension. Although you may feel that you are so very different from those around you, although you may feel that you don’t belong you are one with all that is. You are one with your planet and with your incarnated brothers and sisters. We wish today to offer you guidance on how to eliminate this sense of alienation you are placing on yourself.

Please remember, as many of you are not as experienced in incarnating as some of the Old Souls that are encountered on earth, you are more greatly affected by the energies. You are more greatly affected by the negativity, by the war and by the disputes. This is not what you are accustomed to and so it can often overpower you and blot out your light. Beautiful friends know that you are not in this alone. Seek groups of like beings that can assist you so that you can embrace and allow your uniqueness. We will not tell you that you are meant to assimilate the way many of the other light workers are. They have intended for families, for pure physical experiences but this is not your intention. You are here to do different, equally as important work. You will change the world in your own way but you must first give up your resistance to be human.Remember you chose this path, you offered your assistance and you are NOT alone. There are many of you struggling in the same way. We do not ask you to completely embrace your human existence but we ask that you learn to adapt your energy to suit the current situation you find yourself in. Learn to shield your energy so that you are not as affected by those around you. Ask for assistance from others to acquire the skills and know how. Do not be afraid to communicate and learn from others. After all you did desire in some way to be human and you will not be performing this task again so you might as well make the best of it.

Please know you are not suffering or being alienated because there is anything wrong with you. You are different and that is to be embraced. You feel different because you ARE DIFFERENT. That is OK and is a testament to the powerful energies you have brought forth from your incarnation. Do not be afraid. Walk on knowing that you are where you are supposed to be and that you have allies in your Family of Light. Teach yourself discipline so that you may communicate with us more frequently. Your energies are precious to this world and although others may not understand you, it does not negate what you are here to do. Change the world as you have intended to do. Remember who you are and embrace your power and global purpose. Do not feel the need to assimilate and remember to embrace your uniqueness. That is all for now we are with you offering our guidance and support at all times. Goodbye friends and beautiful Family of Light."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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Copyright © 2014, Amanda Abelseth. All Rights Reserved

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