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Understanding Past Lives As Guardians Of Sacred Knowledge

We received this question from a reader and was inspired to ask our Family of Light for their perspectives!

E. Kunze Asked:

“I have had a number of experiences that indicate I made and guarded an artifact like the Rosetta Stone in a number of lives in The Priesthood of various cultures. Am I supposed to find it and do something with it now?”

Response from our Family of Light:

"We are most pleased with this question. We believe that in answering this question, we will provide an answer to similar questions many of you have. What is first important to understand is that the moment in time that the collective of beings on your planet finds themselves in, is so very unique. Let us take a brief moment to understand why in fact this moment in time, this time of ascension, is so unique. During a period of ascension, all physical beings are presented with a unique opportunity. We mean this in the sense that an ascension period offers an “Exit” Strategy. A way out for those that are “Done” playing the game of physical life. Those that have gained adequate experiences and now wish to remove themselves from the cycle of physical existence. This is the time you find your Selves in now. This time of “Exiting” the Physical World. This particular time is so very important because it is at this time that the Truths of all that is, will become more widely accepted and embraced.

Now with this understanding, let us discuss what was proposed in this most wonderful question. Our brother has recalled past lives in which he created and was to protect physical manifestations of Sacred Knowledge. Although, protection of these Truths seams so contrary to the concept “Seek and ye will find”, let us please explain that the Truths were not hidden in the manner that you might perceive. This Sacred Knowledge was and always will be accessible to those that seek it. The Truths are in-concealable, as they are of your truest nature. And so when we say that the protection of this knowledge was not to hide it from anyone, it is better understood that it was merely to protect it's existence so that it would remain within your histories. Let us explain further. These teachings, in order to provide clues or assistance to your remembrance of your true nature, needed to remain a tangible part of your physical world. It was essential that during the time of ascension and the days leading up to it, that these “proofs” would be available for all to see. Essentially, pointing the way to the True Knowing within you. Like all catalysts for change, these relics and teachings were to remain shrouded in mystery until the collective was fully ready to embrace the valuable information they contained. When the collective was ready, these valuable relics would provide new insights and new perspectives into what is already known within YOU! Please remember all teaching devices such as these are not necessary to your spiritual growth but as all Teachers do, they simply save time. Save time to your remembering.

And so let us continue with an understanding of how a past life performing such a duty relates to your current life. Remember when these relics and teachings were protected, the collective was not yet ready to receive the messages contained in these valuable catalysts. The collective would simply not have had the conscious knowing on how to interpret the true intentions of this Sacred Knowledge. And so the goal of the protector was to ensure that these relics and teachings maintained their tangible existence through the ages for the time when they would be released to the world. This time is now. The collective is now ready to receive the truths. As the consciousness of the planet has risen, so has physical human’s receptivity to all that is. If you have remembrance of these past lives guarding this valuable information, know that you served a most important role in ensuring that this information remained in tangible form until now. We applaud you for the valuable task you performed but in this life it is time to release. In this life it is time for the flood gates to open and all the knowing in the Universe to be made apparent to all, so that Ascension can be achieved by the masses.

This is a most marvelous time and for those that constructed these teachings and relics in the past, know that you have a most important role to play now. You are in this life not to protect but to project! In this life you will take your valuable knowing’s and you will share them with the world. Through this sharing process you will trigger the knowing within your Brother and Sisters and assist them on their path to ascension. Once again we applaud you and thank you for your service to the light and we ask that you now move forward with your focus on this life. We ask that you now embrace the task you are here to perform in this life and seek out how you will share the truths with others. That is all for now. Love and Light to our Beautiful Family of Light."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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