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Understanding Your Role As A Lightworker

"Today we would like to address a concern that plagues many of you at this time. This concern of “What is my purpose” or “Why did I choose to incarnate on Earth, how am I here to help?” These are most important questions that we feel should be addressed.

For many of you, you feel this resonance with the term Lightworker but for some of you, you do not. You have chosen your own terms for this concept and this matters not. What is of importance here is the intention behind the word, the root of the meaning for this word Light Worker and all names like it. What exactly is a Lightworker anyway? What exactly are you supposed to do? This is what we wish to address today. We wish to provide it in such a manner that your purpose and intentions for coming forth into the world are easily and clearly understood.

Many of you are familiar with this concept of Ascension. With this understanding that you are currently in a period of Mass Ascension for not only your Self’s but also for your planet and all the beings that reside upon it. This is a most marvelous and joyous time for you. To understand the importance of this Ascension it is essential to understand, to really embrace your connection to this process and your part in the divine plan. Ascension is an opportunity for those that wish to end their time as physical beings on Earth. This is meant in the sense that once this personal Ascension occurs, these beings are no longer tied to reincarnation and are free to move on to new experiences. It is important to understand that in reality you have already completed this Ascension process and you already exist simultaneously as various other aspects and so this is merely one experience your Soul is partaking in.

And so when we discuss this Ascension period and your connection to it, it must first be remembered that there are many of you, many Lightworker’s, Architect’s of Light, many Starseed’s who have chosen to incarnate at this specific point in time to assist. You have chosen to take on a Global purpose so that you may essentially speed up the process of Ascension. As many of you have heard, time in the way you previously understood is collapsing and is dissolving. And so it was decided and deemed essential that Teachers were “planted” into this Ascension process with the intention of saving time in the individual Ascension experience. Let us explain further. Individually, you are all working towards your own elevation in consciousness. This is your own journey. No others’ journey is precisely the same. There are however, opportunities to excel the rate of your own personal ascension. This opportunity presents itself in the Teacher-Student relationship. Never before has this concept presented itself in the way that it has in your current experiences on Earth. The Teacher-Student relationship allows the opportunity to fast track your own ascension by triggering the knowing in you. The knowing within you is not triggered from the data you collect per say but it is triggered as a result of the collection of data. This data adds to like data to collectively eliminate limiting beliefs that are drowning out the knowing within you.

Let us use an analogy to explain further. These teachers operate in the same way as an accelerant to a fire. A fire can burn easily on its own at a steady pace but presented with an additional fuel source, an accelerant so to speak, the fire will then be able to burn that much brighter and grow exponentially in one brief moment. This is precisely the function of the Teacher-Student relationship. As you act as both the Teacher and the student, you are performing a most essential task. You are accelerating your own ascension, as well as the ascension of others. Now we understand there are many who argue that this is your path, this is your own path, and no others truths are your truths and we are not undermining this knowledge. Of course this is your own path and your truths is the only truth because the truth in fact is only based on individual perspectives. So of course your truth is the only truth as their will not be another on this planet with precisely the same programming that lead to your unique perspectives. These unique perspectives are part of the beautiful plan for expansion and growth of all that is. And so understand that we are not denying that this is your path and your own journey but what we are saying is that this time of Ascension offers a unique opportunity for accelerated growth, through the Teachers that have incarnated. You can also apply this Teacher-Student relationship to all that exists around you be it the beasts, the elements, your planet etc. All can be viewed as your Teachers and it would be very wise to adopt this understanding so that you may even further accelerate your own path to enlightenment.

We will always stress that you must first prioritize your own enlightenment and focus first on your own elevation in consciousness but remember even while you are learning, your encounters with another can act as opportunities for expansion for both your self and others. Even your encounters of a fear based nature, serve as part of this process. As Light Workers, your global function your purpose of incarnating during the Ascension is to save time. Some of you will assist in the remembering of fellow Lightworker’s and others will assist with the Ascension of all beings. It matters not what role you play. Your job so to speak, is to realign your Self with the source of all that is and begin your path of saving time. Share your truths with others without fear, for your version of the truth may be precisely what the universe has aligned, to trigger the knowing in another and as a result expand their own version of the truth. This is a most joyous time for all that are incarnated. Do not worry so much about what your specific Teaching role will be. For now just focus on being a Teacher of Love and Compassion in ALL of your encounters and the rest will come in time. Remember you are an infinite spiritual being and you have this all figured out BUT more importantly you are a piece in the puzzle of a divine masterpiece. The All Mighty Creators masterpiece and so your part is most essential but is directed by a much greater power and a much greater plan. That is all for now. We Love you."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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