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Understanding The concept of Time and What The “Waiting Period” In Manifestation Really Is

"Today we would like to discuss a most important topic, this topic of Time. We wish to broaden your perspectives on this concept of time and allow your mind to fully gasp and accept what this concept actually means. So today we will begin with a basic understanding of what time is.

When we look at this concept of time we must first discuss what this concept truly means. Why does time exist? What is time really? What was the purpose of the creation of time? Firstly, we will address this understanding of why time exists and what time really is. Time is a means by which present experiences are cataloged. It is a means by which we can say that something occurred so many “present experiences” ago and that something is going to happen in so many “present experiences” to come. Let us first look at this concept of seconds. Seconds and broken down even further as milliseconds, are a representation of the present moment. Seconds are then accumulated to create this concept of a minute which is then accumulated into an hour and an hour is further collected with other hours to create this concept of a 24 hour day. But what does this all really mean? Why does this exist?

From a linear perspective, for the purpose of expansion and growth, it was a means by which one could catalog "past and future" experiences. It was a means by which one could say that something had been previously experienced and express that something had been intended and would now exist in a new experience. Time and the many concepts now related to it, have become so distorted and it has become a master of you. Time is not a thing, time is not something to be controlled or mastered either. Time is merely a means of cataloging events. It is time, it is in this moment that we must work at eradicating these limiting beliefs that are blinding you from seeing how "Time", as you currently perceive it, really does not exist at all.

So let us delve further into this concept of time. If we understand from the perspective that time was merely created as a means to catalogue present experiences, we can now take this concept a step further. What is the purpose of this cataloguing of events? The importance of this process was merely to allow one to understand the results of an experience so that in the present one could then create new experiences separate from the experiences already achieved. This concept has been completely distorted into this modern way of life where instead of using the data from previously experienced events you know choose to dwell on said events and then create more of the same occurrences into your experiences. Although we understand and appreciate how this concept came to be, it is now time to do away with the ties you have to this concept of Time. You must remember that time is nothing more than a means to catalogue events. It is a means to tell you when an event occurred and when an event is intended to occur and nothing more.

We will now expand this concept to an understanding of time in relation to manifestation. Many of you are familiar with this concept of the "Buffer of Time". It has been said that it takes “Time” in order for your manifestation to occur in your reality. This concept is precisely what we would like to discuss. Although this statement is entirely accurate many of you have distorted perceptions of what the term TIME represents in this statement and so we would like to offer a new way of looking at this statement. Let us rephrase this statement from Buffer of Time to a Period of Clarity. Let us remove these limitations of the concept of Time and let us look at this statement from a new perspective.

So when we say Period of Clarity this is what we mean: When the mind chooses an experience that it would like to attract and draw into the present experience, the mind need only focus on the desired situation or object. When this occurs there is now a perceived waiting period where you keep your thoughts aligned with what you desire and eventually poof, there it is in your experience. We would like to discuss what actually occurs during this “waiting period” for it is this waiting period that often discourages people and blocks manifestation. During this perceived waiting period the mind is simply attaining clarity. The moment you ask is the moment you receive, literally. The moment you ask source energy begins the process of bringing your creation from the spiritual plane and if there is no resistance from the mental plane it then transfers onto the physical plane into a manifested situation or item. Now for those that offer resistance on the mental plane, this is why resistance occurs. For many of you, when you ask for these creations you do not really believe that you will receive them, not really, and so you sit and wait and you finally say “I knew this wouldn’t work” simply because you do not see it in your current experience. Well, the fact is that the moment you ask, this creation is on its way to you. The universe is not mean and simply says “well if you having limiting beliefs then too bad you will never get what you want so better luck next time.” To the contrary. The source energy that flows within the universe to bring you what you desire, will begin the process of downloading the necessary data to allow your mind to receive what you have requested. You are not merely meant to be denied every time. When you ask for something and you notice that you have resisting thoughts such as “yeah right this won’t happen” or “I am not sure how this will happen based on my current experience” These thoughts are happening for a reason. These thoughts indicate that there is data to be received. Data to be downloaded, so that you can then receive your desired creation. Where most people get stuck is simply believing that the universe decided that they don’t deserve what they have asked for or that they are simply the only ones who just can’t do it.

This period of clarity is not a period where you are meant to wait a set period of time. This period of clarity is merely the process of your mind allowing the creation to happen into your experience. The period where you download and receive all necessary data so that you may receive your creation. Although it may seem that this creation takes “Time” to appear, really all that has occurred is present experiences. Always present experiences. No time in reality has passed on present experiences. And so for many of you that wonder, “well how do I get this necessary data to eliminate these beliefs that are blocking me from receiving my creations.” Well you get this data by asking for it, by intending that you have it. All is created through the mind and through thoughts and so if you desire the information, trust and have faith that the data you need will happen into your experience. Be it by means of channelling, a conversation, a document you find on the internet or a documentary that you happen to notice. The universe will bring you precisely what you need if you allow your Self to receive!

If you find your Self having a difficult time trusting that the universe will bring you the data that you need for the creation that you want, perhaps you will now see that your faith in the ability of the universe to bring you what you desire has not fully been accepted. This too can be addressed by asking for the data required. Perhaps you are prodded to do an internet search on the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you are prodded to go to the book store and the information you need pops out at you. The fact is the universe will find a way to get you precisely what you need so that you may eliminate the blocks preventing you from receiving what you want. You are never alone in this process. There are many assisting you in receiving what you desire. You are not meant to flounder until it all falls into place. It is all falling into place as we speak. Events are lining up to assist you, you simply have to learn to pay attention. That is all for now. We love you.

The Hathors"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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