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A Message To All Teachers Of The Light

"Hello my beautiful Family of Light, it is Archangel Gabriel with a most wonderful and important message today. This message goes out to all of the Teachers I work with so very closely, whether you recognize this consciously or not. I am with all Teachers of the physical world assisting in the remembering of your own abilities and assisting you in the awakening of others. Today’s message is a message of encouragement and an expression of absolute faith in your current choices. There are many of you, as a result of recent energetic influxes, who have decided it is now or never. You have said “OK, I’m jumping” in reference to your global purposes. You have decided to throw caution to the wind and to jump, trusting that the universe and the beings that assist you will ensure that all you need and desire will find its way to you. I applaud you for this, we all applaud you for this. Know that your current path, your current mental state is ensuring that all you desire is yours. Keep your faith and keep the knowing that you are precisely where you have intended to be. You cannot and will not fail.

For all of you that are still unsure of which Teaching method to choose, do not be concerned. Simply set the intention to have your path revealed to you and it will be done. Your path is far simpler than many of you are making it out to be. You do not all have to become famous Authors or famous Channels that teach the masses. This is not the intention of all, for if it where this would not create a very diverse set of experiences now would it ;) So please remember do not base your own personal path on the trails of others and by doing so limit what your path is. Blaze your own trail, your own path so to speak. Do what you want to do not what society deems an acceptable path for you. You are your own knowing. The goals set forth by you before your incarnation are clear and easily accessible to you, if you only quiet the limiting beliefs telling you, you can’t.

Remember, there were several before you who thought they possessed such crazy non institutional ideas that many believed would never amount to anything. It is these ideas, these beautiful souls that have created the changes in the world you see today. Without their creativeness without their knowing, the world would be a much different place. All the greatest creators and inventors, all the greatest reformers did so with an absolute faith and knowing that their plan could not fail. You must go forth knowing that your path can and will change the world. Ignore all others who tell you it is not possible and chase your dream because it is this dream that will provide a future for all the naysayers and all those who said it could not be done. Where they have ignorance you have your knowing and you will not only make the world a better place for yourself but for all. Keep up the good work beautiful teachers and healers of the world. You are doing a most marvelous job and myself and all who reside as One, applaud you for all that you do.

Love and Light beautiful family and remember to carry your torch with pride. Archangel Gabriel"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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