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The Calcified Pineal Gland Pandemic....Continue The Fear Or See The Truth

"Today we would like to discuss a most important topic. A topic that must be understood by many of you before you can continue on your path to enlightenment. Many of you have reached a standstill, an impassable point. You practice your techniques of meditation, you practice your visualizations diligently and with great passion and yet you find that you are not achieving the desired results. You find that you are still being faced with lower energies that you have time and time again intended away, or so you thought. Today we would like to discuss this concept in relation to your 3rd eye. There are many of you who are so vigorously working on decalcifying your pineal glands, on opening your 3rd eyes, in an attempt to allow your Selves to see what truly exists around you through this process. Well friends, we are here to break a most important truth to you. You cannot achieve the results you desire through merely practicing rituals. We do not mean this to say that some have not achieved results through these rituals, but for the vast majority of you the intention is not accurate for these methods to work as you desire. We understand that many believe that the desire is all that matters and yes that is the basic understanding of the Law of Attraction but there is of course so much more to this process. This is what we would like to explain to you today. The process by which you fully allow your Self to open your third eye, to decalcify your pineal gland. We will write this in an attempt to stop many of you from simply putting a band aid over a wound that must be dealt with appropriately. Today’s message is of the greatest importance and so we implore you to please take our words seriously and allow this message to be fully understood and embraced.

There are so many of you that worry about this blocked/closed 3rd eye or "Pineal Gland" if you are referring to the physical form manifestation. What we mean when we say that the Pineal Gland is merely a physical form manifestation is that the Pineal Gland is but the physical mirrored image of that which is occurring on the mental and spiritual planes. It is but a mirror and is not the true source. And so when many of you direct your attention to fixing this calcified pineal gland you are doing precisely what we have mentioned previously. You are placing a band aid over a wound. You are focusing solely on the physical form manifestation and forgetting to address this issue at its roots. You would not continuously pluck a weed and curse time and time again when it grows back over and over. You would not curse the weed and say you stupid weed how come you just keep growing back? No you would logically look at this weed and understand that there are roots beneath that are allowing this weed to grow back. You would address the roots to ensure that this weed grows no more. This is precisely how we would like you to look at this pineal gland issue. If you keep attempting to decalcify your pineal gland or open your third eye without first addressing the roots you will continually see the return of that which you do not want.

And so today, we want you to start by addressing two main understandings. Firstly, let us address why it is that you, Higher Self chose this path for your pineal gland. Instead of sitting in fear that this or that is calcifying your pineal gland, stop and acknowledge why this occurred. What was to be learned from this calcifying, what was to be gained from overcoming this. Stop looking at the result or mirrored image that you see on the physical plane, stop giving so much fear to this great illusion and ponder from a spiritual understanding why this was essential. In order for authentic growth and expansion it was essential that you, as the spiritual being that you are, were allowed to experience occurrences without spiritual sight. This was part of your intended growth and expansion. You did not happen into this experience without first choosing that it was essential for the sole purpose of ultimately overcoming and mastering the limitations set forth by this experience. We mean this in the sense that this evil that you perceive, this wrong doing that has resulted in the loss of your sight, was to serve the great purpose of growth and expansion and overcoming of that which did not serve you. So please Brothers and Sisters stop giving fear to these new fads, to these new concepts that have been fed into your hands to only continue to block your natural abilities. Can you not see the truth? Can you not see the wide spread fear caused by topics such as fluoride and its effects on you? Can you not see that this is only causing more attention to that which you do not want and is only increasing the fear and ultimately blocking your sight?

From here we will move onto the next understanding. This understanding will again implore you to stop looking at the manifested physical form situation and address the roots. Well of course this experience was necessary for your growth and expansion. Once you accept this you can then move onto the glaringly obvious truths. Ok, this was part of the plan, now what resulted in what you see and experience on the physical plane? What knowledge, what programming led to this occurrence? Remember something in your experience, some form of programming led your mind to allow such an occurrence and so what in your data has caused you to ALLOW your pineal gland to be calcified or your 3rd eye to be closed? Well, this was false societal programming of course. YES YES we see so many of you argue about your evil governments that are putting fluoride in your water and chemicals in your food that are causing you to lose your sight but Brothers and Sisters are you not denying your true nature when you say these things? Are you not denying your attraction of that which you do not want? If you were not first attracting that which you say you do not want, this could not have occurred in the first place. We would like for you to look at this logically and without fear. What programming could have resulted in the loss of your sight? Programming that made you believe in your Ego Self and not in the true Authentic Self that you are. The true infinite powerful, conscious creator that you are. This is the core root of the problem. This disassociation with who you truly are. Not some evil fluoride not some corrupt governments. Yes, these may be the physical form situations that have manifested on the physical plane but this is not the root of the problem. So come on now Brothers and Sisters take accountability. Step into your power and choose to attract what you desire to attract. Do not blame others for what you are allowing and do not, shall we repeat DO NOT allow your Self to remain caught up in the illusions of the physical world! The physical world is but a mirror of the mental and spiritual planes. Remember this and always look at the roots, not what you see on the surface. That is all for now beautiful Family of Light. We ask that you take these words with the greatest of seriousness and you shift your focus onto that which truly matters and to that which you wish to attract into your life.

Love and Light and all things bright, The Brotherhood of Light."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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