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Eliminating The Fear Of "Aliens"

"To our family of light, it is us, your Sirian Family. We have a most important message for you today. We come forth, as a collective, speaking on behalf of the Sirian consciousness. We are most eager to speak with you and clear up some concerns. Today, we would like to discuss this concept of seeing UFO’s all over the world. We are going to talk about “Good” UFO’s and “Bad” UFO’s in this message, in the hopes that we can provide new understandings and do our part in eradicating fear. Firstly friends, do you not see that by placing this concept of Good UFO or Bad UFO, you have allowed your Selves to be sucked back into duality. There are no Good or Bad UFO’s, there exists only what you choose to give your attention to. "Darkness" only exists because of your attention to it and if you were to no longer acknowledge duality and the "darkness", it would cease to exist. Humans take very little accountability for their own attraction. You blame others, governments, monsters and aliens, for the bad things in your world and the bad things that happen to you, but you take no accountability for your attraction of it.

What we want to stress today is that you take your attention off of that which you say you do not want. It does not exist unless you allow it to be. Let us look at this way. If that which you fear is only summoned and allowed by your fear of it, does that which you fear even exist? It is so strange to us, to watch humans have conversations, time and time again, terrifying themselves over supposed beings coming to abduct you. If you continue to focus on these things guess what? You will be abducted. Do not forget you are a creator and you can so very easily create this reality for your Self, but who in their right mind would want to do this. Learn friends, to control your thoughts. Learn the tools necessary to release your Self from your fears. It is only through this process that the world will overcome this fear of the Boogeyman.

Now we want to address all this talk about Aliens among you. Yes, of course there are beings that have incarnated that have had many lives as a Sirian and so these beings are recalling this data and are relating more to this aspect. Of course there are “Aliens” among you in that respect. But really, they are not an "Alien" they are a human form who has memories of an Alien existence. So now that this is out of the way, let us address this whole alien floating above your head. YES, the answer is YES. We are here, we have always been here. At this time there are additional beings surrounding your planet to assist in the ascension of the planet. We do our work through channels and through vibrational alignments, upon your request only, but this is nothing new. We have been assisting for a long time now. What has occurred recently is a shift in the consciousness, a raise in your collective vibration and all that is occurring is that some of you are now beginning to notice us more. There is a golden rule when understanding the “levels” of consciousness. Beings with lower consciousness cannot see those of higher consciousness and those with higher consciousness can see everything at a lower level of consciousness. So from this respect it is clear that those operating at a lower level of consciousness could not see us unless we lowered our own vibration to allow this to be so and this is not something we do very often as it is not in the best interest of both parties.

So please friends, do not get pulled into all the hype. Do not play into the fear. Do not play into this concept of evil Aliens and do your part in assisting in the ascension of the world. Stop playing into dual concepts and see the truth. The truth of all that is. That there is only light and there exists only what you give your attention to. That is all for now. We love you dearly. Your Sirian Family."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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