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Is Reality Really An Illusion?

"Hello Brothers and Sisters of the light, we are very eager to communicate with you today. We represent the collective of the Pleiadean consciousness and we have a most important message for you today. We come forth to deliver this message because we as well, have been where you are. We as well, have climbed up the latter of ascension and so we understand perfectly what you are going through. We would like to offer you some very important tools to assist you in remaining grounded during this ascension process. Today we would like to discuss this widely used term “REALITY IS AN ILLUSION”

Although we do not argue with the fundamental concept of this statement, we believe this statement is widely misunderstood and has become the “slogan” for the new age you find your Selves in. There is much that is misinterpreted regarding this statement and as a result many find themselves causing great dismay due to these false misunderstood concepts. Today we will attempt to broaden your perspectives on what this statement really means, as well as offer new insights to allow you to remain grounded throughout your existence on your planet.

Ok, let us begin with what this statement isn’t. This statement is not an excuse. Now we mean this in the sense that this statement is not a way for you to merely say “Ok, well see my reality isn’t actually real so I don’t have to deal with you or deal with any of this crap in my life that I don’t want to, because it’s not real you see.” Many and we mean MANY of you, use this tiny statement to justify that very concept. Many of you believe that simply because “Reality Is An Illusion” you no longer have to play the game, you no longer have to BE HUMAN. No no friends, this is very backwards thinking. Now let us move onto what this statement is. When one says “Reality Is An Illusion” what is really meant? This person is indicating that the Physical Reality around you that you see is not real. Well what a strange concept. Of course it is real. It can be touched, it can be felt. Of course the physical reality is real. Or is it? The truth about this concept may go against what so many have brainwashed themselves to believe in the name of spirituality. Many that will soon begin the process of “coming back down to earth”.

So let us explain this further. In reality the truth is that the Physical Form Reality you find your Selves in is not ALL that is. In reality you are a vibrational being, you are an infinite energy source, you are a divine spiritual being that exists outside of space and time constraints and outside of the Physical Form Reality. This is the truth. You are not confined to this Physical Reality at all and this world is merely an experience you are having. Now, listen very closely friends. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE REALITY YOU FIND YOURSELVES IN IS NOT REAL. Please remove this concept form your mindset as it is causing more damage than good. Yes you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are a spiritual being BUT you have also chosen to be human, you have also chosen this experience and so what does this suggest? This suggests that “Reality” and the concepts related to it need a big wakeup call so that you “come back to Earth” and remember why you are here. You are not here to be a Non Physical being. You are not here to exist as you do vibrationally. You are here to BE HUMAN! Yes to be a gloriously physical HUMAN. Many of you cannot remove your thoughts from this concept of the Supreme Being you are, so much so that you are forgetting why you incarnated in the first place. TO BE HUMAN. You have infinity to be a Non-Physical being and you only have right now to be this aspect. Live your life friends!

And so let us return back to this concept of what the Reality really is. In reality, you are a non-physical being having a physical experience for growth and expansion. In reality, you are Self, you are body, mind and soul. In reality, you are participating in a Physical Reality and you are not operating solely as a vibrational being. This IS reality. And so when you say Reality is an illusion. True reality as suggested above IS NOT an illusion. Let us make this next part very clear. You are not meant to live here and simply say “oh well, the fact that my grandfather died is an illusion, so I must not feel it. The fact that my car broke down is an illusion, so I will walk away from this fake car because it is not real. That fact that this or that of “negative” nature is occurring in my life hurts but oh well let us sweep it under the rug because it’s not real and I am not supposed to feel this way." NO NO NO beautiful family. This concept is against every intention that you came forth with, when you incarnated. You are here to feel these things. You are here to embrace every and all situations and in doing so, you are to elevate your consciousness to a point where these situations no longer hold pain for you. If you feel pain, FEEL IT. Acknowledge the emotions and why they are occurring. Address what programming has led you to feel this way, seek answers, seek the truths and in doing so you will come to a point where these situations hold no negativity for you.

You WILL get to this point but not by pretending you feel nothing in your current experiences and not by pretending your reality isn’t real. What is reality friends but merely a matter of perception? So it is time to broaden your perspectives. It is time to remember why you are here. Why you chose to incarnate. It is time to remember to bring your Self "back down to Earth" and recognize that you are not here to be the same glorious non-physical vibrational being that you always will be, you are here to be physical. So be physical, enjoy this experience. Live, laugh, make mistakes, don’t try to be perfect and in doing so you will evolve into the most glorious version of Self. Remember you must first be presented with the darkness to overcome it. If you did not have these experiences to learn from, how could you learn? Enjoy being human friends of the light and embrace this glorious ride as we once did. Love and Light, Your Pleiadean Family!"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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