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Today We PLAY!

"Hello Beautiful Family of Light it is I, Archangel Haniel. I am most eager to communicate with you and to introduce my Self to many that are not as familiar with the personality associated with my name. I am very excited to offer my perspectives in this message and bring a little joy to your current situation. I am not known, as commonly, for one of my best traits. I am quite funny you see and if you require more joy in your life, if you require more laughter and more situations to bring a spark back into your heart call on me and I will assist you in “lightening up” ;) HA you see now how clever I am. Ok ok let us move back to the subject at hand. What I really would like to discuss with you today is Joy. I want to remind you of how important Joy is to your existence and perhaps broaden your perspectives on how to find joy in your current experience.

There are many of you who are currently taking your roles far too seriously. You work work work that is all you do and you have forgotten to seek joy in all aspects of your life. You have forgotten the joys of laughter and merely existing for the sake of being happy. You have forgotten the value of running around like a child, of making silly faces and not caring who is watching. You have forgotten how to be carefree and full of true fearlessness and courage. Now when I say this, let us come to an understanding. You do not want to act the way you do. You do not want to be tied to your work in such a way, you do not want to be so serious ALL the time. You want to laugh, you want to play, you want to experience the joys you did as a child but you do not, because you believe to do so would be to display some sort of flaw in your Self. You believe that acting this way is foolish and you would be judged for such actions. Society has taught you that acting in such a manor means you are acting like a child and that is a foolish endeavor. Well, this is a limiting understanding in your society.

I encourage you today, to return to how you acted as a child. Return to the state of wonder, where anything is possible. Return to the state where you could play for hours in a tree or in the mud. Return to the state where the simplest of things could keep you mesmerized and in awe of the raw beauty and intrigue. Return to this state friends. Remember the time when you played and you didn’t care who was watching, remember the times you danced with true freedom of insecurities and embrace these feelings once again. You were not meant to live this way beautiful family, this way of restrictions of rigid boxes with their standards and rules. No, you defy these rules, you defy these boundaries. You must return to this state of wonder and enchantment because it is only through these eyes that you will truly embrace who you are. That you will truly remember the joy in all that is. I implore you to try an exercise.

Recall what it was when you were a child that brought you so much joy. Was it painting, was it dancing, was it running, was it swimming, was it merely playing with animals? Whatever it was, I want you to do it. I want you to fully embrace that moment again. I want you to feel the passion and the joy again and fully immerse your Self in the freedom that comes along with doing what feels natural and what feels joyous. Pay no attention to others, as what they may say or think does not matter. Follow your joy and allow your true nature to be revealed. I love you with all my heart and I will be with you in these moments of joy. Call on me whenever you need me and I will be there to help you remember the joy you once held. Love and Light friends. Archangel Haniel"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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