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Your Thoughts And The Reality Creation Process

"We have come to you today with a most urgent message. Today we want to delve deeper into the concept of your Thoughts and how they create your reality. Now we understand that this is a concept that has been discussed, so many times, by so many different sources. We are not going to reiterate what has been explained, we are going to attempt to build upon it. For many of you, you understand the basics. You acknowledge that each thought produces a vibrational output and as a result this vibrational output then creates the reality you see around you. You understand this concept of like attracts like and all that jazz. What we would like to do today, is further explain how this Law of Attraction really works, as we believe many of you are perceiving it incorrectly. Ok, so you have a thought, this thought then creates a vibrational output and then your vibrational output then attracts situations & things into your life of similar vibration via THE ALMIGHTY LAW OF ATTRACTION…well yes…sort of. Please understand we are not saying that other sources of this information are wrong, they are so very much right but they are only scratching the surface of the truth of Deliberate Reality Creation.

Let us begin where we must begin, which is at the source of what Reality Creation is. When you have a thought, this thought is either allowing natural wellbeing to flow to you, or it is not. This thought is either allowing Authentic Self connection or it is not. This is what you must first remember. Your thought is not what is creating your reality per say. It is how the thought is being used. Ok, so let us say you want to “deliberately create” an ice-cream. You receive the impression via Authentic Self connection and ultimately Higher Self that you would now like to have an ice cream, that the physical experience of having an ice cream is desired. So then, from this perspective, you then proceed to allow the process of obtaining said ice-cream. Now if you were to offer resistance to this desire sent forth from Higher Self. If you were to say “Oh no, how will I get this ice cream, there is of course no way that this could happen” If you sat and worried and worried about not getting the ice-cream and did not focus on the actual steps presented to you to get this ice-cream GUESS WHAT you will never get the ice-cream. We present these understandings in such a basic way so that you can fully grasp what we are saying. It is not your thoughts that create the reality that you desire, it is your LACK OF RESISTANT thoughts. It is really that simple. You do not need to sit there OVER AND OVER AND OVER obsessing about what you desire in order for it to come into reality, you merely have to stop offering resistance.

Now let us express something that has been explained in previous channellings. You are not your body or your mind, you are Higher Self expressing and having physical experiences through “Insert your name here”. All desires, all thoughts of wanted experiences stem from Higher Self not from this fictitious “You”. If you are not your body or mind, then who is it desiring these experiences if it is not Higher Self? Surely not your mind, as your mind is only the operating system of the glorious “SELF” which in perfect alignment and as Authentic Self, is the Body, Mind & Soul! Now many of you at this point say WELL WAIT WAIT what about when I create “bad” things I do not want. Well let us again repeat what we have said in a previous channeling. ALL experiences and we mean all experiences are technically desired by Higher Self for growth and expansion. As we have stated before, this physical world existence is for growth and expansion, so that you could return to the light and in doing so assist others in returning to the light. Now how does one expect to “return to the light” without first being presented with darkness. Now understand even though these “dark” experiences were desired by Higher Self, they were not obtained through Higher Self in the same manner as those obtained joyously through Authentic Self connection i.e. Body Mind & Soul. In this particular case, these “dark” experiences would have been obtained via YOUR CREATED “Big Bad” Ego Self Conductor. A new conductor of the body and mind created simultaneously as fear based experiences were perceived. This Ego Self was your created construct so that you could disengage from Authentic Self connection and obtain moments of darkness and in doing so create an authentic experience of overcoming it.

So now that we have explained this, let us return back to Reality Creation. All creation and every desire based on joy and bliss is coming forth from the desire of Higher Self. It is coming forth for growth and expansion and it is coming forth to assist the mind on its journey. Not all creations have to end up being something that you necessarily love. In many cases a creation is merely for the experience achieved through obtaining said creation. So remember, when you go to create. When you begin to start focusing on your thoughts and start launching all sorts of creations this is most wonderful but it is not your repetitive thoughts about what you want that are actually creating. All creations stem from the Spiritual plane, from Higher Self, and what you really should be focusing your attention on is avoiding ALL thoughts that offer resistance to what you want. You only have to set forth the desire once, as this is an indication from Higher Self that the creation is on its way to you to experience. You will have it in your reality if it is not prevented on the Mental Plane from coming from the Spiritual Plane to the Physical Plane. That is all for now. We hope that this has offered you some guidance and assistance in relation to your own efforts of Deliberate Reality Creation. We love you. Your Family of Light."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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