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Discarding Limitations Of The Physical World

"Hello to our Physical Family of Light. We are most eager to communicate with you today to share our perspectives on Anthropomorphism. We understand that there are many of you who are still very tied to your physical existence. So many that cannot view understandings or Universal Truths as they really are and instead are viewing them through limited “Physical Eyes”. Understand, we are not saying that the physical existence you see before you is not real or that the physical existence you see before you is not part of all that is. What we are saying is that the Physical existence is but a part of reality and yet many of you use Physical understandings to define everything acquired in your experiences. Let us explain further.

To put this in an easy to understand logic, let us address your acceptance of nonphysical beings as an example. When you think of a nonphysical being. When you think of Jesus or Buddha. When you think of beings that exist in the nonphysical world, you do so with limited “Physical Eyes”. You imagine them as spirit versions of their physical bodies. You give human characteristics to these conscious beings, even though in fact, they are not in physical form. In fact, the reality is, that these beings such as Jesus or Buddha or any other Ascended Master are merely aspects of a Higher Being. Who you are communicating with or receiving guidance from is not “Jesus” per say it is the “Jesus” individualized aspect of the Higher Self of “Jesus”. But because of your inability to draw your Self away from limited physical understandings, you choose to view everything out side of physicality as having physical characteristics.

We see additional evidence of this in the way that you perceive your energies. You give human characteristics to your masculine and feminine energies and in doing so give them your own gender specific stereotypes. You do the same with the source Creator as well. You give this energy a face, generally a male face, and you give this energy human characteristics to then define if “God” is bad or good. Now let us explain this concept further. Human characteristics and human nature is defined by duality. This is the very core of your existence. There is light and dark, there is good and bad there is dual for all. When you perceive these nonphysical beings or energy sources that you then proceed to give dual human characteristics to, you do so for two reasons. Firstly, because you want to determine what side of duality this energy source represents to you and secondly because you want to determine the outcome of the Figure Heads effect on your experience. Let us explain further.

When we say “determine the outcome of the figure Heads effect on you”, what we mean is that you will use your understandings achieved via collected data on this nonphysical Figure Head, to determine how they will affect your current experience. For example, let’s choose the devil for the sake of our argument. You first determine this being is on the wrong side, the bad side, this is a dark evil being. Then you determine that this being would then ultimately have a negative effect on your experience. This being would ultimately cause negative experiences in your reality, all of which would be the fault of this bad being. Now let us address the opposite. You then think of God. You perceive God as good and God as the source of Light. You determine that when you allow in God, when you embrace the essence of the goodness that is God then you will have positive light filled experiences, as a result of God. You do this with all sorts of beings, bad aliens & good aliens, demons & angels, light and dark dual concepts repeated over and over. You cannot from your limited physical mindset create anything other than duality. You cannot overcome this concept and see the neutrality of all. That there is no good or bad, there is no light or dark. There is merely one vibration with varying degrees, degrees that you create based on what you ALLOW. All beings that you can think of, be it Jesus or this created concept of the “Devil”. They all present the opportunity to represent the light or the dark, they are all the same and are simply varying degrees of the same vibration. The difference is founded on your perception of them and this difference determines which vibration you will give your attention to.

Many of you cling so tightly to being physical that you cannot fathom this concept of non-duality. You cannot fathom the concept that there is truly anything other than physicality and this is precisely why you are unable to relate to Higher Self and merely view “You” as being your body or your mind. These understandings are not wrong as they are part of the necessary transition into a Higher Being but they are limited. We understand that there are so many questions that you ask regarding your universe, regarding the way things work and you wonder why the answers have not been provided to you. Well simply put, it is because your minds are not ready to fully understand the Truths. Your minds would anthropomorphize all understandings and warp them to your current limited Physical understandings. When the collective is ready to fully understand and accept all that is, free of duality and its limiting concepts, then and only then will the answers be made available to you. Not because they are being hidden from you, no that is not the case because no truth can remain hidden but because you simply cannot see the truth from your limited consciousness. We implore you to shed these limiting understandings. We implore you to do away with this false notion that humans are the top of the chain. This is denial of your true power and is a true injustice to who you truly are. That is all for now. In love and light your Arcturian Family of Light."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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