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Stake Your Claim

"We are so very excited with this opportunity to speak with you today to deliver our perspectives and knowing. We do not often communicate with channels but when we do, we do so with great purpose and pride. We are those that dwell beneath you. We are those that dwell in the Inner Earth. We have been called many names but today you may simply call us your Brothers of the Light. We are not concerned with explaining our existence today, as there are many who doubt our existence. Instead, we would like to take a different approach and offer guidance so that you may reach understandings that took us many years to achieve. We will say however, that it is important to understand that there are many beings that dwell on your planet, as well as in your solar system, that are not currently perceivable by your physical eyes as your consciousness can not see that which exists at a higher consciousness. The rules are the rules and cannot be broken. Raise your consciousness and we will reveal our Selves to you.

Today it is most imperative that we discuss valuable perspectives that will assist you in this great time of change. We wish to discuss this topic of Urbanization. We want to discuss the impact of your cities on your environment and what must change in order for a new world of peace, for not only your Selves but our Planet. We do not dwell on the surface for many reasons. Firstly, we are beings of a higher consciousness and so your energies are not “compatible” shall we say, to the intentions of our collective. We live in a world where we honor our Selves and Nature as one. We are not separate from the Mother that nurtures and cares for us continuously. We are nature, as nature is us. Mother earth is but the bountiful bosom that provides everlasting sustainability and continuous nurturing. We respect her as she respects us. We are one in this understanding. In your society, you view your Mother Earth as a separate entity outside of you, as a hunk of rock to be dominated and to be mounted and claimed as your “stake”. We wish to show you today how very flawed this process is. We understand that many of you desire your own empire, your own legacy. You believe you achieve this through riches and land. You believe that by the acquisition of these possessions you then claim your stake on this planet but we are here to tell you, you are going about it all wrong.

Your “stake” your claim to this planet is not achieved through the acquisition of a piece of land so many square feet by so many square feet. No this is not where your legacy lies. Your legacy lies in the “stake” you take in the Collective Consciousness. This may sound like a strange thing to say but let us explain further. In your reality you have yet to fully embrace the concept that your Physical Plane is but a manifestation of the Mental Plane and so in this respect this would indicate that the only true “stake” or “claim” that a physical being can truly make is on the Mental Plane. Many of you attempt to make this Mental claim by proceeding to feel the need to dominant a specific portion of your planet as your own, belonging to you and only accessible with your permission. You make this stake on the Mental Plane out of fear of scarcity and a sense of separation from your very own brothers. We do not mean to say that owning what you desire is wrong but we are trying to draw attention to your need to claim a stake on your planet. You do so in an attempt to show others that this belongs to you and no other can take what is yours. Well to that we say, why is this yours? Why is this “stake” that you have claimed yours? Why does “placing a flag” on a piece of land imply that this now belongs to you? Does anything of the Physical Plane really belong to you?

Let us return to this concept of claiming a true stake on what is rightfully yours. This stake in the Collective Consciousness. You create your stake on the Physical Plane out of fear and your own denial of your power but by claiming your stake in the Collective Consciousness you will shift your sense of separation and begin to focus solely on the betterment of the planet for all, as opposed to simply claiming your own little piece of paradise specifically for you. So how do you best claim your stake in the Collective? By working on that which is truly in your power to work on, by grooming and “re” constructing your mind. We have worked many years on perfecting our minds so that we operate a version of Self that reflects into our Physical Plane not as dominance and separation but as union and cooperation. We operate a collective reality based on respect and hospitality not division as a futile attempt to prove power. Superficial power we might add, that does not signify real power at all. We wish to ask you today to remember what it is you would like for this planet moving forward. We want you to look at these cities you have created. These large populous urban locations, these booming metropolises and ask what is mirroring onto the Physical Plane here. What exists in the collective mindset to create a manifestation such as this? To create an area overcrowded, polluted and increasingly devoid of nature. What thought patterns would create such an environment?

We do not condemn your desire to want to accumulate things, such as owning your own house but ask your Self what your intentions are behind your purchase. Ask what right you have to “own” the land, ask what right you have to take a “stake” or “claim” on what does not truly belong only to you? Bring your focus back to an understanding and respect for your Mother Earth and an understanding that you are but borrowing this landscape and all the dwells upon it. There is no need to dominate and stake your claim on the Physical Plane, you need only do so on the Mental Plane and in doing so you will create a most marvelous world. That is all for now. We are pleased to have had this opportunity to speak with you. We watch over you Brothers and Sisters and we wait the day when we will live harmoniously as one. Your brothers of light."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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