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Lean On Me When You're Not Strong

"To my dearest physical Family of Light, it is I Archangel Raphael and I am most eager to speak with you today. Too long has it been that many of you have called on the assistance of your Angels and today I am going to remind you of the great assistance your non-physical Family of Light can offer to you. We will begin this discussion by going back to the beginning. For many of you, you are just beginning to understand your purpose for incarnation. You are beginning to understand what it means to be a “Lightworker”, “earth angel”, “Starseed” etc. You are beginning to fully grasp this concept that you are not merely your body or your mind and that you, in reality, are something much greater. You are beginning to understand that you are an infinite being who holds unlimited power and has limitless potential and this is most wonderful for us to see. It makes all in the non-physical so very proud to see you embrace your own power but of course there is something that must be discussed in regards to this process.

As has been discussed in a previous channeling, many of you begin this journey and learn through misinterpreted teachings that you are taking this “journey” on your own. You learn and cling to this idea that only your Truths are the Truths and that you should only trust your own knowing and although we do not argue this statement, as we have said before, statements like these are often being taken out of context. Many of you forget the whole point of incarnation and ultimately ignore the only solution to your current global situation. You are in “the boat” you find your Selves in because of perceived separation and logic would suggest that the only way to overcome this is through eliminating separation. And now unless you understand something we in the non-physical do not, the only way to eliminate the sense of separation is through unity. But instead, so many of you shut others out believing that you are right and they are wrong. So many of you shut others out thinking that they are hindering your spiritual growth. You believe that they are not as wise as you and so you must only surround your Self with others as wise as you. Well friends, dearest brothers and sisters, if this is how we all operated then why would I take the time to speak to you? If all, physical and non-physical alike, determined that we were going to focus only on our own growth and expansion we would find our Selves in a very dangerous place. The world would again be plummeted into selfishness and unity would be forgotten.

Now let me explain. I am in no way saying that you are not to focus on Self first. Of course, in order for you to be of service you must be in a place to provide optimal healing and seeing as your vibration dictates the level of healing offered, it is obvious that you your Self must be healed. No, what I am saying is something much different. When you take the focus off of only your own ascension, when you take the focus off of only your own needs in this process, you open your Self up to greater depths of healing. You focus your attention on bettering your Self and bettering the world and in the process, through attraction, you will open your Self up to situations that will in essence accelerate your own Healing process. There are many times when I believe that it would not be in your best interest to subject your Self to unnecessary discomfort or pain and I am not asking you to expose your Self vibrationally, so that you may be left in a place of lower vibration. What I am asking of you is that you grasp every opportunity for betterment of your Self and betterment for others. So many run from an uncomfortable situation or a lower vibrational being not because you are better than them but because you are afraid of them. You can’t maintain your own vibrational frequencies in situations such as these and so you simply run away instead of recognizing that your allowance of a drop in your vibrational frequency is your allowance. You should not blame another of lower frequency and say it is there fault that they brought you down. You brought you down. If you maintained your own High Vibrational Frequency you would transmute all Lower Frequency, it is law.

And so we ask you today to remember, that we are here for you to lean on. We are here to assist you by offering our frequencies so that we can aid you in raising your own. We are here to raise your consciousness and we do so selflessly knowing that by helping you, we help ourselves as we are all ONE. We do so knowing that we do not need to be afraid to assist you in fear that it will hinder our own progress, we do so simply because we love you and because we cannot imagine a life of happiness without you. And so we will dedicate our time, every fiber of our being to making sure that you are safe, that you are joyous and that you ascend precisely as you were meant to and all we ask in return is that you extend the same kindness to the rest of our physical Family. That is all for now. We are with you now and always. Archangel Raphael."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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