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Planetary Predictions

"Hello dearest Family of Light. We are most pleased and eager to speak with you today. As always there is so much to discuss and we will begin straight away with this most important message. Many of you are probably wondering who we are. Well the answer to that question is not easily understood by the physical mind, the answer is simply not SIMPLE to understand. If we were to try to explain who we are we would do so by not stating who we are but what we are. We are a collective of energies. We do not have a personality such as yours and we have never “lived” on the physical plane.

What we are is a culmination of energetic constructs that exist outside of your current understandings. We are frequencies, we are vibrations not unlike your Self but you exist as an individual identity or personality. We are what governs all that is. What sees to it that your stars align, your planets rotate, and your universe operates as it should. We are the universal forces, the energetic overseers. It must seem like such a strange concept to try to understand what we are and what we represent as it is in your nature to anthropomorphize everything that comes into your experience. But know this, we are most certainly you and not you at the same time. We are comprised of the same energy but do not have a face like your current aspect. Ok, so if we haven’t completely confused you, we will move forward with our message.

Why have we come to you today? Why have our energetic impressions been heard by this channel. Well simply put, the times are changing and it is important that you be made aware of what is to come. We offer our services, we offer our words simply so that you may prepare your self for what is to come. Please understand that all that will occur on this planet is in no way a form of punishment. It is merely the result of attraction, the mirror of the collective mind. If you wish to change it, you can see that it is done, collectively, but for now what is set to occur will occur as has been attracted by the collective.

We understand that there has been great concern about your waters, about your animals and what will come to be of your supposedly fragile eco system? You are wise to care so deeply about these things. In the days to come your planet will begin to prepare itself for a massive influx of energies. Energies that will propel all attraction into an accelerated state. Now please understand, this also applies to your supposed unwanted attractions. As a result of this, you will begin to notice drastic shifts on your planet. Weather anomalies of oceanic nature as well as an increase in seismic activity. This is best explained as your planet adjusting to and mirroring the growing pains in the collective mind. Please also note this growing concern with Yellowstone. There will be no activity from this volcano in the near future but know that it is only a matter of time before activity is detected. We suspect this will not occur in this year but shortly after. Please also note that the sky will continue to produce electromagnetic anomalies that will cause disturbances to electronic devices such as planes and satellites. This is not to be feared but to be acknowledged and understood. You must come to an understanding that your collective practices, your collective disregard for the care of your planet has resulted in these manifestations.

We also wish to note that regardless of what is seen on the news or covered in your newsprint, there is nothing on your planet that is irreversible. There is nothing that you cannot overcome as you are the reason that the planet exists as it does now. Please also understand we do not offer these predictions so that you may be fearful, we offer them so that you can acknowledge where you must now give your attention. So that you can send healing energies and light in your meditations. So that you can address the areas that need your dearest attention. Be wise and cautious not to give your attention to that which you do not want, regardless of what is seen in the media. You have work to do Lightworker’s. If it were not possible, we would not be providing this message to assist you. That is all for now. May you remain safe in the arms of the universe and may all that is cradle you securely in the days to come. Keep your faith and know that you must pass through the worst of the storm to see the rainbow.

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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