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Heaven On Earth

"Good Afternoon dearest members of the Family of Light. It is I, Archangel Michael and today we have much to discuss. I would like to take this opportunity to examine the frequently quoted concept: “Creating Heaven On Earth”. I would like to broaden your understandings of this concept, as well as provide tools so that you may assist and perform your part in creating utopia.

What exactly is meant when this phrase is used? For many of you, heaven is a place not of this physical world. Heaven is a place that exists beyond physicality and is a paradise your soul advances to after physical existence. Now I will not say this is incorrect, as it is all a matter of perception and to many heaven in fact does exist outside of physicality. But what I would like to emphasize today, is that Heaven and physicality are synonymous. Allow me to explain further. Heaven does not exist as some unattainable goal that is only to be reached once you have put in your hours in the trenches. You are not asked to toil on the planet and then once you have achieved your goals, then find your Self rewarded with heaven. No this is not the case. Remember, in reality duality does not exist. There is no reward or punishment after your physical existence that is not accessible to you now. There is no light at the end of the tunnel that leads to pearly gates as a result of your good behaviour. Heaven does not offer a private guest list only for those that prayed enough and gave enough. This is most certainly not the truth. Heaven is in you and all around you. Heaven is the very essence of your being. Heaven is joy, heaven is bliss, heaven is your natural state. Heaven exists for you now if you only allow it to be so.

When many talk about this concept of attaining a “reward” in the afterlife, you do your selves a great injustice. You set your Selves up for a waiting game. A waiting game where you perceive inadequacy and inferiority in your physical state. Being physical is not a punishment and being nonphysical is not a reward. Remember friends, what you are experiencing now is a reward. Being physical is a blessing and is an opportunity for heaven. Many nonphysical beings are eager for the opportunity to tackle physical existence, so that they may gain valuable experiences and obtain growth and expansion only possible on the physical plane.

So friends, when you ask, “how do I obtain this heaven on earth”? Well firstly I say, stop believing that it is unattainable in this life. Stop believing that heaven is some reward for a job well done after this life. Heaven exists for you now! Heaven is a state of mind and is attainable through your allowance of it and through your thoughts and through your actions. If you desire Heaven on Earth, if you desire it for your Self and also for others, this is what I propose you do. Change your state of mind. Change your attitude. Believe that this life is a precious gift. Know how lucky you are and what an honour it is to be able to partake in this physical experience. Acknowledge your creative power. Know that you are a divine authority that is capable of creating any reality that you choose. Embrace the power that flows through you and command the Universe into action. Demand the life that you want to live. Demand it for you and demand it for all. Command the world to unfold before your eyes as YOU SEE FIT. Do not hesitate, even for a moment, to allow thoughts of doubt or fear to enter your mind, for you are above all fear. You are a supreme being and you and ONLY YOU will change your reality and in doing so change the reality of the world. You hold within you a power so great, a power so grand that nothing is out of reach for you. Nothing. Embrace your power Brothers and Sisters and create your Heaven on Earth.

There are significant energetic influxes about to impact your planet and now is the time to begin manifesting all that you desire. You have a powerhouse of energetic support backing every mental choice you make, so remember to choose your thoughts wisely. If you continue to create that which you say you do not want, you will find the upcoming days to be difficult and grueling. But if you embrace your power, if you obtain the position as Master of your time and circumstances, you will see great change unfold before your eyes and you will see validation unlike anything before. It is time to stand up and change the world. Do not sit by idly, as those around you take what is rightfully theirs. It is time to stand up and embrace your power Lightworker’s, Architects of Light and Bringers of the Dawn. It is time for a new age on your planet. Who will create it, if you do not? We will be watching and waiting to assist you. Your Brother of the Light, Archangel Michael."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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