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The Truth About Lying

"Good evening to our physical Family of Light. We are most excited to communicate with you on this most wonderful day of great energetic changes. We are the Brotherhood of Light. We are a representation of Ascended Masters and we come to you today as a collective to offer our perspectives. We are always eager to share our perspectives with you and greatly enjoy and appreciate our time together. Let us begin. There is a particular topic we would like to discuss today so that we may do away with Limiting Beliefs and allow your mind to comprehend new truths. Today we would like to discuss this concept of truth fabrication or shall we say in more basic terms: Lying. This may seam like a strange concept to discuss, a strange topic to choose for a channelling topic. Many of you shy away from a subject such as this because it causes discomfort in you and this is precisely why we chose this topic. Fabricating the truth is a concept that is known to virtually all physical beings and has been practiced on more than one occasion by each and every one of you. There is no shame in this but know that this is why this topic is of such great importance.

When one tells a lie what is it that occurs? From a superficial perspective it would appear that you have deceived another but is this what has really occurred? We would like to draw your attention to the truth of these situations. We would like to draw your attention to who is really deceived. So many of you are so quick to say “oh it is their Ego’s”. “People lie because of their Ego’s, they act out because of their Ego’s.” You create these separate Ego identities to blame and this is a great injustice. There is no one to blame for anything but most importantly there is no separate “Ego Monster” to blame either. Instead of you, your Self lashing out at another and blaming them, take a moment to acknowledge why you have lied in the past and recognize why those that lie to you do so. Can you not take a moment view this situation from a non-biased, neutral perspective? Can you not see the source of these actions? When one chooses to fabricate the truth, there are always underlying issues. Be it insecurities due to Self Worth Issues or be it an inability to face reality as a result of societal programming. The fact is, that a lie is always the result of some sort of false programming. Many feel the need to fabricate the truth to create a more desirable reality out of insecurity and displeasure with their current situations. Others fabricate the truth because they are unable to face the consequences of the current situation they find themselves in as a result of their current point of attraction and of course there are others whose lies are performed in an attempt to manipulate and control. It does not matter the route of this action, the fact is this action stems primarily from some form of programming that has resulted in a need to fabricate the truth.

What we want to encourage today, is that you begin to analyze each and every time that you tell a lie, be it a “white lie or not” and realize who it is you are really hurting. Is it not your Self? Is it fair to say that you are fabricating the truth out of discomfort for your own experiences and in doing so denying your Self the opportunity to address what could be changed? For those of you that tell lies to avoid the current situation you have manifested, even if you say it is to save the feelings of another, you are also doing a great injustice. You are not allowing your Self to learn from the situation and you are manipulating those that you are lying to and denying them the opportunity for growth and expansion as well. In the case of manipulation of a deceitful nature, even these actions are not to be looked at with hatred and disgust. A person who feels the need to control is lacking in true personal power and as a result must attempt to gain power in inauthentic ways. Regardless if you are the one performing the lying or the one on the receiving end, you have much to learn from this experience. If you are the one on the receiving end, what have you allowed into your experience as a result of your thoughts? How have you attracted a situation that has allowed your power to be taken from you?

There are no right or wrongs in this process. There is no good or bad, no predator or victim. There is only points of attraction and in this case of truth fabrication there is always an underlying reason why this has occurred. There is always a reason for this action and if you spend less time recognizing the fabrication of truth coming from others and focus more on your own lies you tell to your self and others, you would find greater peace and contribute far greater to the overall goal of world peace. That is all for now. We love you dearly. The Brotherhood of Light."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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