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Creating YOUR Heaven On Earth!!

"Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light! What a joy it is to speak to you on this fine day! We are most eager to deliver this message today, as we find SO many of you in precisely the same spot. So many of you standing on the edge, so very close to opening a floodgate that will allow your sincerest dreams and desires to pour into your experience! We are so eager to deliver this message today, in the hopes that you will fully allow a release which will allow you to begin the next, most joyful, phase of your experience on this planet. We are great advocates of the Creating Your Heaven On Earth movement. In fact, we have written an entire manual and multiple general messages on this subject, with this channel, as this is our primary focus with her. She is to assist us in awakening you to your true power and your true potential and that is precisely what we will attempt to do in this message. Although it may be lengthy, we assure you these words will assist you with new understandings that will chip away at the limiting beliefs that still hold you and for those of you that can harness the powerful energies penetrating your planet at this time, you just might find the full release you have been waiting for.

As we have said MANY times before, it is time for you to wake up Brothers and Sisters, to your fullest potential! It is time that you remember who you are! So many of you say that you accept your abilities as a divine creator and yet you think, speak and act so differently. You preach to others, these doctrines about reality creation, about the “type” of spiritual being one should be and you yourself have forgotten to implement these very same practices in your own life. We come to you today to remind you of a few very important things.

Firstly, it is time that you take an account of your own life. It is time that you take a step back from looking at all of these things going on in the world that you do not like. It is time that you remember that the only way you are going to change this world is through transforming your Self first! You cannot set an example or do your part to shift the Collective Consciousness when you deny the own changes in your life that need to occur. It is most admirable to see you offer your advice to others, so that you may assist them on their paths to ascension but Brothers and Sisters let us not forget the value of your own path and your own happiness. It is time to practice a little SELFishness, so that in doing so, you can truly help the world. We want you to remember the primary reason for your existence. You are here to create your Heaven on Earth. You are here to set an example for all of those incarnated so that you may represent the true scope of your potential and the potential of others. You are to set an example and show the world precisely who you truly are. This cannot be achieved by pretending that you are whole and healed and this can most certainly not be achieved by showing others a light that you your Self have not fully embraced.

Secondly, we wish to bring to your attention this false concept that you are here to save EVERYONE. This is not the case and is an unfair burden to place on your Selves. Again we stress, you are not here to do anything other than set your example and shine your light in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same. You cannot ever “save” someone and if you truly set out to do so, we assure you, you will achieve futile results and find your self miserable in the end. Please remember, no one needs saving and we mean NO ONE. All paths are chosen paths. All paths are important for individual growth and expansion and by you believing that you have the choice and the right to save anyone from that path, is for lack of a better word, arrogant. Please understand, this is not meant to be inconsiderate to your feelings, this is said so that you can understand that you do not have the right to determine what is essential or necessary for another and you do not hold the power to take away another’s free will. IF not even The Almighty would do so, what right do you think you have over another to do so? We admire your wanting to assist those that are attracting assistance and we assure you that is not what we are referring to. We are referring to attempts to “assist” others, who are not asking or not attracting, in an attempt to try to force your own beliefs and personal opinions on others. Spend less time doing this and more time on focusing on your own path and you will come to a realization that it is not your purpose to do so. It is not your purpose to direct the lives of others, it is your purpose to set an example and be an ambassador of the light.

Lastly, we want to bring to your attention this concept of being a Lightworker. So many of you will read the previous paragraph and say “Ok, well what is it that I’m supposed to be doing then?” We wish to clear this up. Your first and foremost goal for incarnation, is growth and expansion on a personal level and ultimately planetary and beyond. Your primary goal IS to ultimately elevate the consciousness on a planetary level by providing instructions on how to do so. You are here to save time. You are here to show others how they can live. How they can find joy and peace and true bliss! You are not here to tell others to conform to your way of doing things. You are here to show others that they can live their dreams. You are here to show others that is possible to achieve any desires and any goals, regardless of what others tell you is possible. You are here to set an example! So many of you have forgotten this and you have proceeded to think your role is to convince others to believe what you believe. NO brothers and sisters this is the not the case.

You are here to shine your light. You are here to show that healing is possible and Heaven on Earth can be a reality but remember each person’s version of Heaven will be unique to their own perspectives and experiences. Now, seeing that each person’s perspectives and experiences will not be precisely like that of another, this means that NO ONES version of Heaven will be the same. For those of you that understand the true purpose of incarnation, the true desire of growth and expansion of the ALL you will understand why this is essential. And so in saying this, we hope that you now understand that it will take ALL finding THEIR joy, it will take ALL choosing THEIR Heaven, THEIR peace and ultimate joy to achieve a collective state of Heaven on Earth. It will take all the individual pieces, for the planet to settle into the Utopia you all desire. It will not take one person’s way, it will take EVERY person’s way!

Shine your light Bringers of the Light. Shine it for all to see and set your own example of Heaven on Earth so that you may encourage others to do the same. Encourage their own growth and expansion, encourage their uniqueness. Embrace the differences on your planet. Do your part in creating Heaven on Earth by encouraging others to create their own essential and unique versions. That is all for now. We remind you family: The bigger the dream, the better the feeling, the brighter the outcome! We love you!"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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