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Understanding "Mis" Creations

"Hello dearest Family of Light, it is I Archangel Michael. I am most pleased to speak with you today. I would like to begin this discussion by saying how very proud we are of all of you reading this message. You have taken leaps and bounds in your progress and although you may not see tangible evidence of it now, you are on the right track and you are receiving what you have set forth to manifest. Have faith, it is all in the works. Ok, let us begin with this most important message.

Today I want to touch on this subject of manifestation but not in the sense you might think. I want to talk about the “miscreations” the “misdirected energy”. I want to talk about all the creations you say you do not want. I am most pleased with your progress but so many of you still look at your creations with sullen eyes wishing you had something other than what you see around you. Today I want to explain to you how to redirect your attention, so that you may allow that which you truly desire to manifest on the Physical Plane.

Firstly friends, do not ever forget, you are ALWAYS creating. You are creating every moment of every day. Every thought, is creating your reality. You are not merely creating when you “Purposely” create something you desire and so in this respect know that shifting your attention, even so very slightly, will inevitably shift your point of attraction. So many of you forget the power of your thoughts. You seem to ignore the times where you allow your thoughts to wander and fester things you say you do not want, thinking that it is only required to focus on what you want for a brief moment of time. Yes it is true that you could create any reality you want with only acknowledging it once, but many of you have so many thoughts to the contrary of what you say you want and in these moments you again shift the vibrational point of attraction. It is time to smarten up! It is time to pay attention to where your thoughts lay. You say you want something, well stop offering vibrations that suggest otherwise.

Now let us continue with this discussion on miscreations. I hope by now many of you understand that there is, in actuality, no miscreations. There is nothing that occurs to you that does not serve a purpose. All these “unwanted” situations you find your Self in, are serving their purpose to get you where you will inevitably be. I watch so many of you berate your Self’s for not being “there” yet. For not having reached the finish line but my dearest Family the journey is the best part and I assure you when you reach the finish line, there will only be another lap to run. So please go easy on your Self. Please understand that every perceived unwanted creation is a stepping stone to point you in the right direction. You cannot truly know what you want and you cannot truly find the strength and tenacity to overcome that which you do not want, unless you are faced with it and you reach a point where you say “NO MORE” and choose a more desirable path for your Self.

Do not be afraid or fight against these moments where you perceive despair. Learn from them. They are attempting to teach you where you thoughts currently reside and how your thoughts must change. Do not fight what is, work with it and learn from it so that you can create what is desired. That is all for today. I am most pleased to have been able to deliver this reminder to all of you that needed it so that you may now release and allow your creations on the Physical Plane. Enjoy the spoils of your dedication, you have most certainly earned it. Carry on and be strong. Love and Light. Archangel Michael."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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