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Animal Consumption

"Good afternoon beautiful family. It is I, Archangel Michael, and I would love the opportunity to discuss a very important topic with you; a topic that has made so many of you in the physical uncomfortable and is the cause of great distress and tension. I would like to discuss this topic of animal consumption and in addition, further your understandings on the infinite consciousness within all life.

So many of you become saddened and find great grief, when discussing the death of the various beings that exist on your planet. You have come to understand your relation to these beings and you have come to realize that they exist of the same consciousness as your self. What many of you have failed to see, by placing your focus only on the beings that you deem to be a worthy classification of a sentient life form, is that this same consciousness exists in everything around you. It exists in the plants, in the trees, it exists in the water and the soil. The consciousness that exists within your very being, is precisely the same as the consciousness that dwells within all life on your planet. It is one in the same and only the intention behind the consciousness – or energy – varies. So many of you, are “up in arms” about the treatment of other beings on your planet, and of course this is an essential part of the ascension process, but you have chosen only one aspect of your planet to “protect”. You have chosen your target, to focus all of your own aversion and anguish on, instead of realizing that all that exists is of the same consciousness and of equal importance; even those people that are scolded for the consumption of animals.

In order for you to fully understand the oneness with all that is, you must first come to see that there is not one creation on your planet that is better than the other. A dog is not better or more important than a blade of grass, for the same consciousness that exists within that dog exists within nature. The same consciousness that causes life to surge within that dog, is the same consciousness that causes the rivers to flow and a tree to blossom. They are no different. So in reality, your consumption of a cow is no more “bad” than your consumption of a carrot. Now understand, I am in no way saying that you must eat a cow or that you are a murderer for eating a carrot. What I am saying, is that in reality, all life on your planet is precious, all life is of the same consciousness. It is not fair to scold another that consumes the meat of animals, simply because it is a resource that they require, no more than it is fair to scold a vegetarian for eating a salad. All life forces on the planet are sacred.

Now in saying this, many do come to an understanding, when they are ready and when their path has led them to the understanding, that they do not desire to take the life of another conscious being; a decision that is neither good nor bad. This person is not nobler or superior to another. This is simply the choice of the individual being. Should we condemn all meat eating predatory animals, such as a lion and a bear, and simply say that they are “bad creatures” because they consume other beings? Of course not, these beings have simply been conditioned to operate in this manner. The same applies to every single person on your planet. One is not “better” than another because they perform practices that, they believe, make them superior to another; they have simply made choices that bring them joy. One does not serve the world by condemning the actions of another and saying that their way is the right way. They do better by setting a peaceful example of how they choose to live. If others resonate with their way of living, that is most joyous, but if others do not, it is not an indication that their way is the only way. To think in this manner, would be to operate one’s self no differently than the many suppressive dictators of your histories.

There is no one right way, there are infinite right ways. So family, please understand, it is not bad to eat meat, it is not right to eat only vegetables. Both acts of consumption take from the same consciousness and the same energy and it is merely a matter of perspective. It is my opinion, that you would do far greater justice simply sending your sincerest love and gratitude to the consciousness of whatever it is that you choose to consume, as opposed to projecting negative energy towards the beings that gave of themselves so that others may be nourished. I hope that within these messages you will find new understandings to bring greater peace to your life.

In love and light, Archangel Michael."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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