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Addressing Your Physical Appearance

"Good afternoon beautiful family. It is a pleasure to speak with you. As always, we have a most important topic to discuss. We are so very honored to have the privilege to discuss this topic of physical appearances. So many of you find your Self in a state of displeasure, in relation to your physical form. You wish that you were skinnier, you wish that you had lighter hair, or a different skin tone and of course, there are others that wish the opposite of all these things. You spend your time fretting over what you perceive of the physical forms of others and yet you pay no attention to the core root of the issue. Today, that is what we would like to address. We would like to discuss the many limiting beliefs associated with your physical appearance and in doing so allow you to manifest any desired form for your vessel. We would like to use this concept of body weight, as our primary example.

Firstly, it must be noted, that there is nothing wrong or bad about the way you currently look. You are so very beautiful on the inside and out, but of course, our intention today is not to try to convince you of how beautiful you are on the inside. We will not deny what burdens you because we recognize that it is undeniable that physical attraction is an essential part of your physical planet. So the very first thing to remember, is that you must not feel bad about wanting a desired state of physical attraction for your vessel. This does not make you “bad” or “vain”, this simply makes you human. We will not spend this message trying to convince you of that which we already know about you, how beautiful you truly are, and instead we will focus on the realities of your physical world.

Appearance is something that captivates all of you. Your senses are equipped to detect that which is pleasing to you, that which brings you joy. This sense, of what is considered appealing or joyously beautiful, is dependent on your own personal programing and so these perspectives of what is considered beautiful by your senses, will always change as does your perspectives. This subjective beauty is simply part of the individual experience, so please know that you should never feel guilty or as though you are being a “vain person” for desiring a physical state, based on the data that you have determined to be beautiful. It is your right to do so.

The primary concern in your efforts, however, is not that you do not want it. It is not that you do not have the desire to have the physical form you seek, it is the way you go about it. You look at your physical appearance through the eyes of duality. You see the body you have now and you see the body you desire, and label one wanted and one unwanted. You form an attachment to that which you perceive as bad and you likewise form an attachment to that which you perceive as good. You do not understand, that in viewing the body you have as the unwanted enemy, you simply cannot achieve anything other than the body you currently have, as your attraction to it would not allow it to be so. You must begin this process of changing your physical form, by recognizing the truths: all begins in the mind. All creations stem from your thought patterns and your beliefs. You must teach your self to do away with the belief that one creation is better than another. You must embrace that it is no more difficult to achieve a slim body than it is to achieve a larger body. They are both, one in the same and of the same vibration and merely represent the varying degrees and options available to you.

You must stop looking at your self as being a failure now and understand that your body is simply a byproduct of your thoughts, and in an instant you can so very easily adapt these thoughts and begin to change the physical form that you see before you. Now, although our intention is not to tell you how beautiful you truly are, there are things that must be said. It is important before commencing any changes to your body, that you understand and analyze why this change is required. Do you desire a slimmer body because you wish to obtain an optimal state of health and embrace your vitality or do you desire a slimmer body because society has told you that is what you are to desire? Do you desire a slimmer body because it will bring you joy, or do you desire it because you despise what you already have? You need to address what it is that is driving these changes, because any creation that is laced with lower vibrations of insecurity and fear based thoughts, will not yield results due to the strong attachment to that which you say you do not want.

You must understand, that there is no duality. There is no good weight and bad weight. There is no perfect, one size fits all. You are unique and you are beautiful the way you are. Your insecurities do not exist from the appearances of others, your insecurities exist because you do not allow YOU to be YOU. There is nothing at all wrong with your current form BUT if you do desire a change, we of course fully support you. We only ask that you do it for you and not for anyone else. We love you beautiful family and we hope that this message brings you peace. Love and light your Angelic Family of Light."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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