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Urgent Request- Healing Earth's Water

"Dearest Family of Light, we come to you today, as a collective, representing the Arcturian consciousness. We come to you with a most urgent message. Today, we would like to discuss your waters. We understand that there have been many messages on this topic and although we do not negate the value of the work you have done thus far; we are imploring you to take further action. As you are aware, there has been great damage to your waters as of late. This is something you already know, but in actuality, you are only understanding a fraction of the damage. It is not only your sea creatures that have suffered, but all manner of life that dwells within the waters. We implore you today to take action. Many of you will ask, “What can I do from where I am?” This is precisely what we would like to discuss today.

Many of you have forgotten how powerful you truly are. You have forgotten that with just an intention you can change the world. We ask today that you do two things. Firstly, we ask that you call on us and ask us to assist your planet by healing its most precious waters. Many of you believe that we can simply do so without your asking, but that is not so. We can assist, but only upon your request, so please do not assume that we can handle this alone. This planet is yours – not ours – and so we can only intervene if you vibrationally attract assistance through your intentions. Many of you have forgotten that this experience is an essential part of your growth and expansion. We cannot simply come in and fix things for you, without your permission. On a soul level, you simply would not want it to be this way. And so we are presented with another solution. We are available to assist upon your request and upon your request only. So please Family of the Light, ask for our assistance. Call on the legions of Heaven, your Brothers of Light, to purify every ounce of water that exists on your planet.

Now, for those of you that favor doing a little work on your own and getting your hands dirty, so to speak, we would greatly enjoy some help. What we propose is a visualization laced with very powerful intentions. We ask that you enter a meditative state. Upon reaching this relaxed state, we ask that you find yourself in a body of water. It does not matter if it is a lake or stream, the ocean or a river, all that matters is that you find your self immersed in a body of water that is connected to the bountiful supply of water on your planet. We then ask that you place your hands in the water and that you intend that healing energy project from your palms. Many might wonder why we would ask this of you and to this we would respond: dearest friends you must remember how truly powerful you are. Your very hands hold an ancient power that is capable of emitting copious and unlimited amounts of energy. You have simply forgotten your ability to do so.

And so we ask that you continue with the intention of emitting energy from your hands and direct that energy through the body of water you find your Self in. Imagine the body of water glowing and vibrating with healing energy. Allow the white light to continue flowing from your hands and watch as it expands further and further out into the water. Allow your Self to shift into a “bird’s eye view” and notice how your white light is now branching off into other streams, other lakes, and other rivers. Notice how it is now filling all the waters of your continent and watch as it continues to fill the remaining waters and oceans around your entire planet. Send as much healing energy as you can muster. Focus all of your intention on healing and sending pure love and light to all the waters that exist on your planet. Once you feel complete, end the visualization and give thanks to all that is for allowing you to perform this healing.

We ask that you do this as frequently as you are called upon by your inner guidance. As you do your part, we will continue to do ours. Remember friends, this is your planet. It is yours to direct. You most certainly are not in this alone, but you must remember to take accountability and ask for assistance accordingly. Please remember that we are always willing to assist upon your command. We love you dearest Family of Light and we thank you for hearing our words. In love and light – Your Arcturian Family."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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