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Raising The Next Generation Of Lightworkers

"Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the light, it is I, Mother Mary. I come to you today as a representation of this particular aspect of my True Self, so that together we may examine a most important topic. Today we are going to discuss the “how-tos” of raising a Lightworker. As you are well aware, this is something that I am very well versed in ;) Let us begin with this most important message.

Firstly, we must address what your role is, as a parent of this next generation of Lightworkers. So many of you perceive that you are to “rule the roost” so to speak; that you are to ensure that they follow the rules of the house and obey your commands. Well the first thing you must come to understand, if you would like to raise your child in accordance with their role as a Lightworker, is that you are not in your position to make decisions for your children. In fact, you are simply the role of the “physical guardian” to impart essential knowledge for human existence. Allow me to explain further. There does not exist a single person on your planet that you are meant to make decisions for. Each person’s path is their very own and that most certainly includes children. Simply because they are young in their age, from a physical perspective, does not mean that they are exempt from this rule. In addition, you are also not in the role of “Guardian” to live through your children and obtain experiences through them that you believe you failed to achieve through your own life. Your children’s experiences are as much their own, as yours are your own. No one can dictate yours and so you should not attempt to dictate anothers.

Secondly, it must be understood that it does not matter how things were done in the “old days”. It does not matter what your father did to you, or what his father did to him. This is irrelevant. We are working towards a new world and this new world will not be achieved by following the rules of the past. There are new standards to set in place, in regards to rearing a child and it is time that everyone pay attention!

So where to being? Let us begin by discussing your role as a parent; more specifically what you are meant to do. You are to ensure that your child receives the necessary data so that they may function optimally in the world. As your children are the next generations of Lightworkers, this data includes much more information than you most likely received in your youth. It is essential that at a very young age, you begin teaching the concept of the Spiritual World and encourage an acceptance of the Higher Aspects of Self. It is extremely important that all spiritual growth is encouraged, even at a very young age, and that includes encouraging communication with the various elements of your planet. Encourage your children to interact with nature, with the birds, with the plants and with all manner of life. Teach your children to respect nature and appreciate their correlation to it. Show your children the beauty that exists outside of technology and conformity and open their eyes to that which so many today fail to see.

It is so very essential that this process begins at an early age. As I’m sure many of you are aware, all children are born with the capabilities for telepathic communication, rapid manifestation and accelerated healing, to name a few, and it is merely the programming that they receive at a young age, from influences such as your Self, that then reprograms these abilities out of them. It is so very important that you begin now, teaching them the truths about the world. Show them to respect all that exists and teach them to have compassion for the current understandings of others. Allow them to see that one way is not better than another and that in reality, ALL ways will eventually bring ALL to the same understandings. Prove to them that by shining their light and being an example for others that they can encourage those around them to find their own version of peace, that much quicker. That is all for now. We will speak again! In love and light. Your sister Mary."

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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