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Understanding The Death And Grieving Process

"Hello dearest Family of the Light. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Archangel Azrael and I come to you today to deliver a most important message regarding grieving. As some of you are aware, I am the Guardian of those that pass from the physical to the spiritual realms. I assist all souls as they depart the physical world and I assist all souls who remain on the physical plane, with the grieving process. Today, I feel it is essential that many of you gain further understandings, in regards to the grieving process, and accept why it is so very essential to your healing.

There are wonderful understandings that have been achieved by the Collective. Understandings that allow one to see the truths of human existence and embrace that physicality is but one aspect of who you truly are. It is most joyous to understand these truths and embrace your oneness with all that is and it is equally as joyous to acknowledge the truth that your existence is not limited to your physical form. This is most wonderful, but what I would like to impart on you today is that knowing these things should not discourage you from properly allowing your Self to grieve. You must remember your humanity. Remember that you are here to gain physical experiences and this includes the experiences of love AND loss. It is important for you to allow your Self the experience of truly connecting with another being, be it human, animal or plant life, and then truly allow your Self to feel what is needed to be experienced, when physical death occurs. These experiences are extremely essential to your human existence for two reasons.

Firstly, it is not sufficient to simply acknowledge that your loved one is not dead and in reality exists in spiritual form, as the physical mind will not find this to be sufficient data. The mind will need closure. The mind will need programming and adequate time spent collecting the necessary data to allow one’s Self to embrace life without this particular being.

Secondly, the human experience of loss is really not about experiencing a “loss” at all, in fact, it is actually about gaining something. This particular experience, which you perceive as the grieving of death, is but an adjustment period used to analyze what was learned from your time with this particular being. Allow me to explain further. It is during this period where you analyze your experiences with this now physically departed soul. Where you remember all the good times and often, also the bad. Where you laugh and where you cry and where you most importantly remember what was taught from your experiences with this being. Now why is it that this is so important? Because, it is in death that these experiences truly teach you. It is in death that you understand what you have learned and what can be incorporated into your life from the teachings of this being. There is a belief in your physical world that a martyr can be the advocate for great change and it is evident why this is. It is through death, it is through the seeming “finality” of one’s passing that others take note and listen to what was being said. Their words impart greater knowledge upon those that still remain in the physical, simply because people are willing to listen to those that have died for a cause. It is as though their words have greater value, simply because they were willing to trade something so very very precious and pay the ultimate price, merely to have these words heard.

The passing of YOUR loved ones, should be viewed as equally as important. These beings, whether they have chosen to leave the physical world at a young or old age, are playing a most important part. They are choosing to leave the physical world so that their actions and their words can impart great value in your life. There may be times when the lessons left behind are perceived as negative or hurtful, but they are lessons to assist you in growing, none the less. All that depart the physical world, especially those that leave “before their time” have left precisely when they intended, so that their lives could be used as catalysts for great change. You should view their lives as such and honor their passing knowing that they have departed, in such a manner, to teach you something. Death always occurs for a reason and in time you will understand this. It is so very important that during this process of grieving that you not only grieve for the loss of the physical form, as it is essential for the mind, but that you also honor the life given so that you may be presented with growth and expansion. So that you may obtain this extremely essential experience of loss and achieve the necessary experiences you desired, upon incarnation into this world.

For those of you that grieve, know that I am here. I am with you now and I am eager to assist you. Please call upon me now and I will surround you in love and help you begin the process of healing. You are not alone in this journey. I exist to serve you while you grieve, as it is my greatest joy and absolute pleasure to see you smile. Please know that your grief is OK, in fact it is necessary. Do not be afraid to express how you feel and remember to allow your physical aspect to experience what it must. That is all for now.

Love, Light and Peace dearest ones. Archangel Azrael.

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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