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Understanding The Channelling Process

"Hello dearest Family of Light. Today, I would like to deliver a most important message on the subject of Channelling. I have proposed this topic to Amanda, simply because there is something that can be learned by all who read it, including her Self. Let us begin.

As has been communicated through Amanda, in a previous message, channelling is a process by which a physical conduit acts as a receiver for the perspectives of higher dimensional beings. This channel has chosen to perform this function, prior to her physical incarnation, and this process would be deemed as a facet of her “Global Purpose”. Channelling however, is not a “set in stone” form of communication, as I would like to convey now. Channeling is a process by which a physical aspect is able to transmit higher frequency information and so this must infer that this information need first be interpreted by the physical aspect receiving the information. For all Channels, their information received will be individualized and in correlation with their particular programming and perspectives. This is precisely why you will find that many Channels provide a vast array of different topics, offering slightly different, but essentially the same, information.

Many of you look at channelled information as one message being wrong and another being right, but this is simply not the case. Channelled information, from beings such as myself, is reiterated in numerous different ways, through numerous different channels, to suit the needs of a wide range of readers. I am able to provide messages through Amanda, from a particular perspective, and in the same moment I am able to provide the same information, from a slightly different perspective, through another physical channel. We in the nonphysical do not view personal perspectives in the same manner that you do. We do not say one person’s perspective is more right than another. We simply say that one person’s perspective is their own and does not resonate with our own. We do not judge and say that they are wrong and instead we merely recognize that this is data that is in relation to their own programming.

We understand that it is in your human nature to label things from a dualistic mindset, as this is part of the human experience, but with all the information available to you, you must learn to not label as right or wrong and simply see all information as merely a matter of perspective. I ask today that you learn to practice discernment and not judgement.

I ask that you seek out the information that resonates with your knowing, without judging the information that does not. I ask you to be understanding and considerate of the paths of others and not assume that your way is the only way and most importantly that your way is the RIGHT way.

There is no right way and there is no wrong way. There is only each individual way. That is all for today. Love and Light, Archangel Michael"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,

<3 Amanda

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