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The Lost Man

"Hello dearest Family of Light. It is I, Archangel Michael, and I will be delivering a most important message with the help of my dearest Angelic brothers and sisters. Today, we wish to deliver a message to you about comradery.

As you are all aware, you are in this together. This is your individual journey yes, but your experiences are meant to co-exist with the experiences of others. So many of you spend the vast majority of your time focusing on your own personal growth and expansion that you have forgotten one very important thing: you are not meant to be on this journey alone! You segregate your Self from others, who do not share the same values as your Self, as though they have some sort of plague that must be feared. You believe that you separate your Self out of a sense of protection, but in often cases, it is more so out of a sense of superiority. Please understand, there is nothing at all wrong with wanting to find those with similar intentions, but beautiful Lightworkers, how will others awaken to the truths if you shut your self away and do not show them the light. You must learn to embrace who you are, whole heartedly, without fear of persecution. There is nothing to fear and it is your purpose in this life to show others the beauty of your light, so please oh please, we beg of you, do not hide who you are.

In saying this, I must now address the most obvious issue on your planet; this issue of separation. So many of you forget that this is the core root of all of your problems. As my Angelic brothers and sisters will attest, separation is the greatest source of resistance to you understanding your oneness and correlation with all that is. You view your Selves as being individualized beings, and of course there is nothing wrong with this as it is simply part of the human experience, but in the process of seeking out your own individuality, you have forgotten your sacred connection with others. As my siblings and I write this message together, we are reminded of the power of parables and we wish to offer our own tale; the parable of the Lost Man. A man who wandered the desert in search of food and water and found himself upon the doorstep of his perceived enemy; an enemy who had long stood as the alternative to everything he believed in. Upon discovering who it was that was to be his savior, he chose, out of pure ignorance, to walk away from his only source of nourishment. His decision was based purely on a false sense of separation and as a result he perished not long after. This man was blinded from being able to truly see his need. He failed to understand that in reality he was one with his perceived enemy; both in need of a chance for a new life. In that moment, he was simply like all other humans, in need of love and acceptance, but his own fears prevented him from seeing the truth of that which would save him. Regardless of the actions of this enemy in the past, it was now only his perceived foe that offered his salvation. His enemy presented him with everything that he could possibly need to flourish and yet his own sense of superiority prevented him from accepting this most gracious gift of life.

You must view your own existence in the same manner. Do not allow your Self to wander, searching for the nourishment your soul most desperately needs, only to deny your Self the option to receive simply because you view your Self as superior. As a Lightworker, your mission is to seek out others that need your light and show them the way. To deny your Self the opportunity for this valuable growth and expansion, is to deny your Self the very thing that makes you, YOU!

Your mission is not to scoff at another, believing you are superior and therefore denying your self that which will truly bring you joy; Your mission is to seek out those that you are inaccurately perceiving as the “enemy” of your light, and regardless of their resistance, show them the way so that you may awaken the knowing within them. This is your purpose and only you are brave enough to complete it. It is your purpose to be in constant search of those who need your light the most. It is your purpose to seek out those that simply need you to reach out to them and show them the comradery that exists between all human brothers and sisters. We have enjoyed this conversation and we look forward to communicating with you again. Love and light.

Your Angelic Family"

~May you find peace and joy within these messages and awaken to who you truly are!~

All My Love,


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